Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, October 29, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 28th–Squares

Yesterday we had “Jigg’s dinner” – a Newfoundland specialty and had DD’s fiancé’s family over for dinner.  Some families have this every Sunday!  This is the squares part of the dinner as in “three squares a day”.  You’d only need one square a day with this feed.


L to R top row – blueberry duff (a not too sweet white cake with blueberries), cabbage

L to R centre - salt beef (this is quite like corned beef),  turnip greens, stuffing (or as some call it – dressing), pease pudding, turnip, carrot

L to R bottom row – roast turkey with gravy, potato

The desert can be viewed on the previous post.

As for sewing squares, I finished the two baby quilts before I left.  One square ran when I washed it and left dye on the backing fabric.  My friend Linda P. was going to rewash it and try to get it out.  Did it work Linda?




  1. Now that looks like a decent sunday lunch - so two kinds of meat is overdoing it a bit ... do they really just quarter the cabage and cook it as a whole piece?
    Sorry I'm always fascianted with food - but the baby square quilt / square baby quilt is nice, it's one of those examples where I realize time and again - youd odn'T need to go into intricate complicated patterns and piecing to make soemthign nice.

  2. Hi Janet,
    Hope that you are enjoying your holiday.
    Quilts came out just fine. I used Resolve with Oxiclean and the stain is vertually gone.
    Amazing what science can do. Very cold & windy in Carcross but then it is coming on to Halloween so we expect it to be winter.
    Hope that you are not being impacted by "Sandy".
    Keep posting. LP

  3. I haven't even heard of some of those things, but it looks delish!!! Yum!!!! Hope you are having an awesome trip! :-)

  4. Your meal looks scrumptious!! Love the baby blankets - I hope the running dye came out.

  5. Yum dinner, definitely a tummy filler.
    Your quilts look beautiful-glad the run came out.