Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sewing? What is that?

I had a non-sewing week.  I did baste a few hexies to add to a flower, but it hardly counts…

So what did I do?  DH is working at my sister’s cabin, so I went and visited him a couple of days.  Our abode…


And I checked out the state of the ice on the lake …


And the weight of this fellow’s gold…  He said this is worth $4000…


But amongst all that excitement I did acquire some wonderful quilting items.  A short while ago I was conversing with Maria from Life on the Block.  She had shown a mini quilt she was making for her frame.  I commented that I recently bought a frame and need to make some quilts for it, and she offered to make one for me.  LUCKY ME!!  Look at this fabulous mini she sent!  She put a koala on it as a reminder of my Australia trip.  Maria, thank you so much!


DD # 2 flew to Vancouver for the weekend and found a quilt store in the big city.  I’ve never found one in Vancouver before.  She brought me home this scrumptious fat quarter bundle.  You know I LOVE colour!  I have to help her make curtains as payback.


And I bought a new spool of thread this week.  I have been sewing lots of purple hexies lately and used up all my ends of purple threads.  This one is a pretty colour.


And I’m linking this post up to Alsha's Space where the word for this week in the 52 week word photo challenge is “thread”.  Smile


Monday, May 19, 2014

Some sewing progress this week

Another week has gone rushing by.  It has been rainy the last few days and not as warm as it has been for the last couple of months.  Never-the-less I have been gardening.  I have most of my greenhouse planted and put the potatoes in the garden plot today.  We keep worms in a tub in our kitchen to create worm poop compost.  I put a handful of them in my outside compost bin today so I can see what they do over the summer.  They cannot overwinter in the outside compost as it is too cold, but there are still a zillion or so of them in the tub.

My sister and her two friends from New Brunswick were here to visit the last couple of nights.  We went for a lovely walk on Saturday evening.  As you can see there is still ice on the lake… 


I’m also linking this post up with Shaz at Alsha's Space for the 52 week photo challenge.  The word of this week was “view”.  I think this one will do. Smile 

On Friday a couple of friends and I had a silk scarf dyeing session.  I did six scarves (five silk and one chiffon).   I really went wild with the colours.  Oh I do love colour.  Here they all are, hanging out on the clothesline.


And I actually got some sewing done this week.  Two hexie flowers to send to my swap partner for May in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.  She asked for bright prints and green centres.  I hope I didn’t get carried away with the “bright prints”.


And I received three sets of second round hexies from my swap partners for February.   They were slow arriving but were wonderful once they arrived.  Here they are added on to the respective flowers I chose for them.




That is all for this week, but I have to say that I am pleased with my production for the week!  Did you get to sew?


Monday, May 12, 2014

The word this week is Comfort



I was about to stretch out with a blanket and thought I would take a photo first.  Comfy!  The cushions don’t match up because the grandkids were making a fort with them yesterday.  They never put them back the right way. Smile

Linking up with Shaz at Alsha's Space.


Sunday, May 11, 2014

A wonderful weekend

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!  I hope you received love, wine, flowers and chocolates.  I certainly did!! Visits from two daughters and two grandchildren, phone call from a third daughter and grandchild, Facebook posts from two son-in-laws.  Oh and not to forget the lavish love from hubby. 

It has been very dry here but we did finally get some rain last night and today.  Despite the wetness there was also lots of sun and we spent a lot of time outside – walking the dogs...


looking at the flowers…


checking out the melt rate of the ice…


and there was even a cookout and a very short canoe ride this afternoon…


I accomplished a small bit of sewing this week too.  Two blocks for the paper piece swap…


And second round hexies on one more flower…


I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The word is “Feline”

I am finally getting back to the 52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge hosted by Shaz.

My blog is almost 4 years old.  When I was looking for photos of this quilt that I am posting a photo of here, I went looking through my blog to remember when it was made (or not as I found out).  I found the post and was surprised to read what I had written there – “This piece of work is the reason I started this blog.”  I had signed up for a swap where we sent each other fabric scraps – enough to make a quilt top.  My partner, Erin, sent me a batch of bright colourful fabrics which is what I love.  Amongst them were several themed fabrics and my quilt top became “Three Cat Stories”.  Sadly I have never finished this quilt.  But now that I have pulled it out (it took me a little while to find it), it is going on my “to-do” pile.  You can see below that the top block isn’t finished and it needs borders.

The three stories are “Cats in the Sun”, “Cats in a Window” and “Cat at a Party”.


Linking up with Alsha's Space.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday Night With Friends Report

It was a bit of a slow night for me.  I had a bit of a struggle with getting some seams to match and had to redo a couple of them.  Then I had phone calls from friends, supper to make and other interruptions.  But I managed to get the second round hexies I received from my April Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap partner sewn onto a flower…


And I got one more flower sewn onto the strip… now there are five.  I think I am going to make it eight across…


Were you sewing along with us last night, my friends??