Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 13–Blue

Blue is a difficult topic for me.  I have more blue fabric than any other colour, but I don’t use it that often in my quilts.  Since we can interpret the prompt any way we like, I am going to use the antithesis of blue. 

I hadn’t got around to cleaning out my garden yet.  Most of the edible produce was picked but I had eight cabbage plants which were fat enough to be exciting and since they seem to not mind the little bit of cold we’ve had, I hadn’t cut them yet. 

Then we had some visitors.  They went right to work cleaning out all the plants in the garden, readying it for next spring when it is time to turn the soil.  But they also ate my cabbages. 

Am I blue?  Well how could I be….



I won a giveaway on Kate Spain’s blog a little while ago.  The prize was two “candy” pre-cuts of her fabrics.  Candy pre-cuts are the latest – they are 2.5 inch squares.  So I was expecting a small parcel or maybe even a fat envelope.  When the package arrived the other day I was blown away.  Look at all the fabric she sent me!

Am I blue?  Well there is quite a bit of blue in the fabric….


That is all I have to say about the antithesis of blue. Smile



  1. I love the autumn picture in your header ... well I do hope the ist it elks or moose? anyway I just hope for them they have a good digestion, cabbage can have a negative effect.
    Did you have a lot of cabbages (in German I would say cabbage heads, to say I mean several singel round things instead of several different kinds). Do you ever plant winter lettuces? I mean you shoudl be having enough of a winter to make them worth it, but on the other hand you maybe have too much snow... trouble digging down to harvest it.
    Well that sure are strangely big unsquarish 2,5" squares - any ideas yet what to do with all the "surplus" fabric you got?

  2. What a lovely "win"! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Janet, I love your new header....are the dark red "spots" in that tree leaves also? I'm sorry you lost your cabbage but it did go to a good cause and allowed a wonderful photo for you. I have a friend who cautioned me to never paint my bedroom too blue because blue is a, well, "blue color" and it would make me sad.....I still like the color but in the deeper doesn't make me sad at all.....there is a wonderful song by George Straight called, "Am I blue?".....and I love the song too............

  4. That big cow seems to be looking over her shoulder as if to say,"do you have a problem with this"? After all, she had to share with all the other family members.