Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day is here and so is the Giveaway!

Leap Day Giveaway

The giveaway is closed...

It’s Leap Day – a very special day – and it’s time for my giveaway!  I’ll be linking up with Elizabeth from Such a Sew and Sew and if I can figure it out I’ll even attach her linky list to my post….
I have such a difficult time figuring out what to give away.  I’ve never been very skilled at buying presents either Sad smile
In the end I am having two prize packages, because I promised to do a follower giveaway, way back when, and now I have over two hundred followers!  Not that I care about numbers but I have made some lovely friends in blogland Smile
The rules for my giveaway are:
1. You must be a follower.  This is a giveaway for my followers.  And besides I might not have any followers after February 29th…. I have no idea what will happen when Google Friend Connect ceases to exist.
2. I’ll ship anywhere in the world.
3. Please only leave one comment.  Please tell me if you have ever thought of changing your name and what name you would give yourself if you were naming yourself now.
4. If you have previously posted on one of my February photo of the month posts I’ll give you a second entry for indulging my attempts at interesting photography. 
5. I’m setting this up to post at 12:05 a.m. on the 29th (Pacific Standard time).  I’ll have to stay up to see if it works.  The giveaway will close at 12:05 a.m. on March 1st.  I’ll post the winners sometime on March 2nd. 
6. The first name I pull (forget Random Number Generator – it was an exercise is frustration for me last time) will get first choice. 
7. All the usual stuff about having a way to contact you….
Here’s what I’m giving away:
# 1 – two fat quarters of this scrumptious fabric – Happiness by Kathy Davis for Free Spirit.
# 2 – two fat quarters of this gorgeous fabric -  Junebug by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures and an unnamed batik.  (If this batik could name itself now it would call itself Rose Blush.)
No linky – I can’t figure it out.  Go here to see the other giveaways.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This week, February 20th to 26th, I….

Spent a day at work meeting Katy Hutchison and listening to her presentation…. This is a woman of spunk and courage…

Kept up with the photo of the day challenge and with my personal challenge of twenty minutes a day of exercise - walking, snowshoeing and skiing…

Received my six inch blocks for October from Lyndell.  She sent me three fat quarters of fabric as well….


Promptly made another block out of the new fabric… Smile


Received the first of my Spring Flower postcards….


And made three to send out to my swap partners…. This is a Prairie Crocus….


Had to get some my February swaps done…. Next up was this block for Sherri in the New Bee swap…


And finished up the second hexie flower for my February swap partner….


And…. sewed together 200 two inch blocks to fulfill my February commitment in the Postage Stamp Quilt challenge….


And because I was on a roll I made the March six inch blocks for Jen…. She asked for postage stamp blocks made with one inchers – 36 little squares in each of these six inch blocks…


That’s enough for this week! 


Photo of the day February 26th

The word for today is “night”.  No birds come round at night.




Photo of the day February 25th

The word for today is “green”.  There is lots of green where I live – even in the winter.  It is amazing how many shades of green there are in a stand of Spruce trees.



Photo of the day February 24th

The phrase for today is “inside my bathroom cabinet”.  My bathroom cabinet doesn’t hold anything interesting – just the regular bandages, Tylenol, floss and ointments.  The outside of the cabinet is much nicer to look at.  This was constructed by my former brother-in-law.




Photo of the day February 23rd

The word for today is “shoes”.  These were my favourite shoes.  I still have them but I don’t wear them anymore.  I have new ones now, but I don’t like them as much. 

This is what we have to look forward to in another couple of months.  Lots of mud.



Friday, February 24, 2012

Joining the Leap Day Giveaway

When I had my last giveaway sometime before Christmas I said I was going to have another one soon.  Soon is a relative thing. 

I have decided to join Ms Sew and Sew in her Leap Day Giveaway linky party.  I’m posting the rules but please go to her site to get the code for the button and read all about Leap Day.  You also need to go to her blog to link up on “the day”.

Leap Day Giveaway

  • Choose something to give away on Leap Day. Keep it simple. You can make something, give away a bit of your stash, offer a service, buy your favourite gadget to give away or offer something completely non-crafty. Your blog, you choose.
  • To participate in the blog hop, your giveaway must start and end on Leap Day {February 29, 2012}. You can open it at 10:00 am and close it at 10:00 pm, or go midnight to midnight, or anything in between. Your blog, your rules.
  • Post your giveaway and then link up here. Please include the Leap Day Giveaway button {code found below} somewhere in your post. The linky will open at noon MST on February 28th and close at 10:00 am MST on March 1st, to allow for people in different time zones to participate.
  • If you want to include the linky on your giveaway post so that others can link up from your blog the code is available below. If you choose to add the linky to your post, you MUST include the above rules so that it is fair play for all.

I hope I’ll see you there!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photo of the day February 22nd

The word (phrase) for today is “where I work”.  Here is my cluttered office.


Gee if you enlarged this photo you might be able to read confidential government file names on my computer screen!  (This is a joke – the file names won’t reveal any secret info Smile )


Photo of the day February 21st

For today the phrase is “a fave photo of you”.  I am not very photogenic – and there is the little factor that I’m usually the one wielding the camera.  This means there aren’t a lot of photos of me I love.  But this one, taken by my semi-professional photographer friend, at my other friends’ wedding this fall, is pretty good.

HJ photo janet-4


Photo of the day February 20th

The word for today is ‘handwriting’.  Here is handwriting from DD # 2 and DD # 3 on the birthday cards they sent me.


Would you know that they are sisters?  I mean apart from the fact that one calls me Momma and one calls me Mama? Smile 


Oh and can anyone help me?  I want to turn off comment moderation but I can’t find it in the new blogger set up.

Photo of the day February 19th

The word (phrase) for today is ‘something I hate to do’ – but in my typical hurried fashion I only read the first half.  So here is a photo of something I hate.


Garbage on the road.  I’ve been known to collect bags and bags of it in the summer months.  And sometimes in the winter.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

This week, February 13th to 19th, I….

Didn’t have a great week… I have a health issue going on that is zapping my energy…

Managed to keep up with my photo of the day project but the mail project has gone by the wayside.  Too bad as I love sending mail.

Participated in FNSI and got a little bit done on a couple of projects…

And had fun at a soy batik and landscape painting workshop this weekend – here in my hometown, taught by my friend Dahn, and attended by six of my creative friends and I.  Here is some scenery…

IMG_4614Soy batiks

IMG_4624Backdrops for art quilting projects

IMG_4626Lots of soft colours for landscapes.

Received this fun giveaway prize from Emma… the Dictionary of Tea tea towel…please click on it to enlarge so you can read all the fun definitions….


And this fun prize from Sarah….a fabric rotary cutter …. I can see making some scissors and other tools to go with it, perhaps in a mobile…


And this wonderful quilt kit from Elizabeth…in case you were wondering what inspired me to start a new quilt… check out hers….


I have a few swap items that I need to get finished this week… I hope I can get my energy back…


Photo of the day February 18th

The word for today is drink.  There is nothing like a cold India Pale Ale and some chips on Saturday afternoon….



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Friday Night Sew In report

It was a fun FNSI, with DGD here to share in the sewing fun.  I put together these twelve blocks from a new quilt that I am working on…. one wouldn’t want to finish a UFO, would one Smile 


And I put a couple more burners on my wall hanging…


DGD worked on her cross stitch that she got for Christmas.  Her first stitchery…



Photo of the day February 17th

The word for today is ‘time’.  Since I don’t have any extra time to photograph, here is a homophone….




Photo of the Day February 16th

The word for today is “something new”.  I received this lovely birthday scarf from DD # 2 in the mail.  Mr. Lion is modelling it for you all as I couldn’t get a good photo of myself wearing it. 

This is a scarf that I started several years ago.  DD, in her mission to help me finish old projects, took it out east with her last fall.  I had misplaced the original pattern I was following.  As it was fairly complex DD took it out and knitted up a new pattern.  I LOVE the colours.



Photo of the Day February 15th

I’m a little behind again with posting my photos.  Work life during the week does get in the way!

The word for today is ‘phone’.  It is interesting how taking a picture of one’s phone leads one to realize how completely archaic and trashy looking one’s phone is…..


I read on this blog post that lots of people don’t like the photos to be enlarged because it slows down uploading.  So I’m going to post my photos in small size this week.  Let me know if you like the bigger size better.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo of the Day February 14th

The word for February 14th is ….heart, of course. 

DH and I laughed over the electronic Valentines cards received from DDs # 2 and 3.  We shared a fat and juicy t-bone steak, accompanied by parsnip fries and green salad – all homemade of course.  A walk with the dog in the crisp evening air with beautiful green northern lights dancing in the sky.  And then just a little bit of chocolate….



Sunday, February 12, 2012

This week (February 6 to 12) I….

Had a really busy week and tonight I am tired….

Stayed in Whitehorse two nights as I had classes at the LQS in the evening… Stayed with my friend and we stayed up too late talking… Here’s what my piece looked like after the second class…


And here’s what it looked like after the third class…. I spent lots of time the third night unpicking after I sewed my first circle with too much tension on the wool and it caused puckers in the piece Sad smile.   I did get the circle redone and it looks great, but I need to do about 5 – 6 more circles.  I didn’t get a chance to make any progress on it this weekend either….


Kept up with my exercise program, walking Monday through Thursday, snowshoeing on Friday and Saturday and skiing today….

Celebrated my birthday … it was on Wednesday but we had a family dinner this weekend.   Also many birthday wishes on Facebook and a fruit platter party at work…

Made my 6 inch blocks for the January/February swap… they will go in the mail tomorrow….


And made one of my hexie flowers for the February swap….


Sewed in all the thread ends on the Fairy quilt but no other progress there. 

Started cutting a new mystery Christmas quilt during the Christmas Quilt Along yesterday. 

Whew!  No wonder I’m tired….  I’m heading to bed…

Edited to add.... Not so fast... I almost forgot to show the lovelies I received in the mail this week!

From Jolanda my six inch blocks for December/January and three packages of green tea from "the only plantation in Europe"!  I can't wait to try it.

From Alberta, my January hexies, 100 two inch squares for a private swap we did and a great little sewing kit...

From Rebekah and Samantha 100 two inch blocks each from Mary's scrappy swap.

Thank you all!