Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 24th–For Someone Else

Oh goody!  Since I’ve been sewing for someone else since I left on holiday I have things to show…. and first of all I get to show you my completed Mouthy Stitches bag.  It went off in the mail today.

The front….


The back….


The reverse…


And my partner commented on my Flickr photo that she likes it – YAY!  I got her preference right…

I need to tell you the trial I have gone through the last few days getting this bag done.  I finished up the hand stitching and figured piecing it together would be easy.  My daughter said her fiancé’s nan had a sewing machine and would be happy to let me use it.  Well it turned out that she hasn’t used it for quite a few years and the tension was terrible and I couldn’t fix it.  I snuck out pretending that it had worked just fine because I knew she would be apologetic otherwise.  Fortunately my daughter has been hinting for a while that she wants a machine so I went and bought her one – a Brother from Walmart, but it works just great!

Here are the September hexies for Christine in Australia.  I finally got them finished and mailed them today.




  1. I know my machine is like that too ... it was ten years ago and I'm sure it has not gotten better sitting in it's case. You pulled it all off quite well!

  2. What a sweetie you are to have gone 1,000's of miles on vacation and your concerns are finishing a project for someone. The bag is very lovely! I was certain when I saw the sneak peek that it would be wonderful and I was correct. Great job!

  3. Nothing can stop a woman with a mission! What a great idea to "borrow" your daughter's new sewing machine! (grin) The bag turned out amazing! Thanks for taking us along on holiday.;)

  4. What a gorgeous bag that is. It's so pretty even with all the problems you had finishing it. Pretty hexies you have going to your swap partner.

  5. What a great bag! Perfect for anybody anywhere anytime!

  6. I LOVE that bag. I have some linen if you ever decide your buddy D needs a nice bag for Christmas. :-)

    Glad to see you are having a great time on the Rock. I love the pictures and descriptions.

    And its so cold here I am grateful for your parking spot. What a good friend. :-)