Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 25th–For you

I am pretty sure this means for me. 

This is what I brought to work on this trip for myself.  I haven’t done anything on it yet. And I just discovered that I didn’t bring the background for block 2 that I put together before I left.  Rats.  Oh well, if I even get this block finished it will be an accomplishment.


And I did find a quilt store.  Apparently one of two in the area, although I think there might be another one on the west side of the island – oh 1000 miles or so away.  I had a quick visit in the store as DH was waiting in the car.  DD and J (my step granddaughter?) came in and were looking at the wool that they also sold as well as Pfaff machines.  I only bought one fat quarter, but it is “for me”.  They didn’t have many fat quarters cut and there were a couple of women getting scads of fabric cut.  Fabric there is only $8 – $9 a metre; less than half of what we pay for it in Whitehorse!




  1. Ooh, that snowman looks like he's going to grow into a fabulous winter quilt! Can hardly wait to see what he becomes!

  2. That's a lovely green print ...
    I wouldn't start to complicate things with step- and half- and the lot. It just makes things complicated and they don't mean more or less to you without it.
    You know things get truely complicated when you try to tell someone about your step mothers' step mother (I just call her by her name but then my step mother is not really my step mother, as I never lived with her and my father).. see biology is ok most of the time, but family is family.