Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, February 2, 2014

52 week word challenge and some sewing!!!

The word for this week is “instantaneous”.  I have racked my brain trying to think what I could take a picture of that was instantaneous…. birds flitting to the birdfeeder and away again, a baking soda volcano, some kind of accident… Nope none of these will work. 

I found this old photo …. I don’t know if this kind of ice forms instantaneously or not, but in my romantic vision of it, it does.And it is pretty. Smile


The opposite of instantaneous is delayed, late or slow.  Well that’s the category my sewing fits into.  But at least I am doing some!!

This block is for the Canadian’s Quilt swap that I am participating in.  My partner wanted that colour range and a star or stars.  This pattern is by Carolyn Beam, Creative Editor for Quiltmaker magazine and can be found in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, volume 5.


Then I made these blocks, the last ones for the Bee Balm swap that I signed up for last year.  For some reason I took a really blurry picture – it isn’t your eyes Punk


And then I made these hexies for my January partner in the hexie flower swap… But I took the photo with only the red colour showing…


And now look what I am doing…. I’m really getting my sewing groove on!!


Hopefully by next week I’ll have some finish pictures of this quilt to show! 

Edited to add – I just found out that Shaz is in the hospital and has extended the word instantaneous for another week.  I hope Shaz is better by then!!