Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Good morning.  I am still here!  It is so difficult to get to blogging sometimes.  Too much of this going on these days.

That was last weekend.  This weekend I'm at a quilt retreat in beautiful Haines Junction!

 Here are my friends Linda and Marg, diligently working while I play. 

I finished up my hexie flowers for Lin for August and second round hexies for Jennifer for September

Both of these flowers are blue although the ones on the left look almost black in this photo.  Lin asked for dark blue floral petals and light blue floral centres.
Jennifer asked for second round hexies in any colour. 
I'll have more to show tomorrow. Time to get back to sewing!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Pincushion Parade

As I mentioned yesterday, Ida, at My Sister Made Me Do It is sponsoring a Pincushion Parade.  Entries can be made up until September 15th and there are prizes, :-), so be sure to join in.

I have an embarrassment of pincushions.  I wasn't going to show them all, but then I couldn't decide which ones to leave out.  So bear with me as I show them off.

First up is Goldilocks, the princess.  And as can be the case with Goldilocks, or even with princesses, this one has no actual duties.  It just looks pretty.  I received this one in a pincushion swap.

And then we have the chair.  Another one that has to spend it's life looking pretty, and showing off some fancy pins that I was gifted.  This one was a present from my friend Nancy.

Another one that I received in a swap.  This one is so intricate that it has to be on display, I mean look at that detail!  Well it does hold a token few pins.

Another one received in a swap.  Isn't this the best!!  It  lives by my sewing machine and sometimes has a heavy burden and other times only a few pins.

This little pincushion log was my mother's and was made either by her or by my sister.  I should find out which it was.  I use it for needles mostly.

I found this lovely little basket, complete with pins, at a garage sale.  My friend wanted the lot of sewing gear that it was in.  She paid $2 for all of it and let me have the pincushion.

The chicken is my main man.  He gets heavy use and is much admired when I take him to retreat.  He was a gift from my friend Dahn.

Another one from a swap - who knew that I participated in this many pincushion swaps!  This one lives on the side of my design wall and gets lots of use.

I acquired this beautiful dressmaker's form at a gift exchange at a retreat.  The exchange was one of those where you can steal gifts from others and I had to work hard to hold on to it.  Unfortunately it is not very stable.  It is top heavy and tips over easily.  So I don't use it much.  One of these days I'll find time to figure out how to add some weight to the bottom.

I do have one pincushion that I made and it was a labour of love.  It also isn't very stable as I didn't put enough lead shot in the bottom of it.  One day I'll fix it.  In the meantime my granddaughter likes to make designs on it with the coloured pin heads.

And the pièce de résistance is this fantastic creation that I received in another pincushion swap.  What a labour of love! The little bird nest and baby birds are hand made out of Fimo. and the whole thing is 3-D.  I don't remember what I made and sent, but I'm sure it wasn't this wonderful.

 So there you have my "perfectly pleasing" pincushion parade.  I hope you enjoyed seeing my fun collection.

Please check out the other collections over at My Sister Made Me Do It blog.


Monday, September 5, 2016

A Fall Outing

Hey my lovely followers!  I'm back, after a long absence.  Life just gets ahead of me sometimes....

We had a lovely fall outing today, featuring fish and berries.  Although it looks grey, and it was windy and cool, it was still lovely weather.  The fall has to be my favourite time of year in the Yukon.

We canoed with some friends into a series of small lakes, high up in the mountains.

We ate lots of food, caught three trout and picked berries galore.

Here we have an array of blueberries and mossberries, and just a few cranberries.  Yum.  I hope you had a great labour day.  I'll be back tomorrow to post pincushions for Ida's Pin Cushion Parade!