Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 21st–Orange

I know I’m a day behind – I’ll hopefully catch up  tomorrow.  Here is a beautiful orange sunset ….


This picture was taken in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland.  Here is some information about this town. 

It became a permanent settlement first in 1583 – perhaps the first permanent settlement in North America – earlier than St John’s and Jamestown.

In 1610 a pirate by the name of Peter Easton made it his home base.  He is buried in a little graveyard in the town which looks like it could be featured in any horror film. 

In 1932 Amelia Earhart left from Harbour Grace’s airfield on her solo voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker (aka Snoopy) also flew out of the Harbour Grace airfield.

There is a sailing ship, the SS Kyle, grounded on a shoal in the harbour.  It has been there since 1967. 

Here is an orange quilting photo.  The back panel for my Mouthy Stitches bag.




  1. Gorgeous sunset and gorgeous piece of orange quilting. Interesting info you added along with your photos.

  2. Oh my gosh the photo speaks for itself! Great info regarding Grace Harbour. I can hardly wait to see your completed bag. I already think the back is wonderful!
    Have a terrific time!

  3. Lovely photo. Interesting backing! Thanks for the geography/history lesson.

  4. Oooh, pictures and quilts and history all in one post. What a lovely sunset - some day I want to get to NL and see it all for myself!