Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quilting Photo a Day October 22nd–Extra Large

I’m stumped by this prompt.  So far in Newfoundland I’ve seen nothing quilting related, except my own projects… So here is a view of the extra large ocean…This is the end  of “the feather” – the point between Harbour Grace and Bryant’s Cove (where DD # 2 lives).  We hiked out here this afternoon as the sun was going down, through lush green and rock, with horses and cows feeding all around.  Beyond the island, which is uninhabited but used for sheep grazing at times, is the wide ocean, stretching to Great Britain.


And here are DGD and DGS in the extra-large aprons I made for them. 



Here’s the backing fabric on DGS’s apron…this pirate fabric was a gift from Leslie.  Thanks again Leslie; it has been perfect for the apron.





  1. Oooh....another beautiful pic of the ocean, one of my favorite places to visit, whichever coast! Great aprons!

  2. They look very happy with those aprons. Thanks for the pic of the coast.