Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A non sewing/sewing day

Today I attended the Walking with our Sisters exhibit that is in Whitehorse right now.  This is an exhibit of hundreds of moccasin vamps, created in memory of the hundreds (some reports say more than 1000) of missing and murdered aboriginal women in Canada.  The slipper tops are not attached to the rest of the slipper to represent unfinished lives. 

Walking with our Sisters

photo taken from this CBC website:

Very moving.  Very overwhelming.  Gorgeous sewing.  Please check out the links to learn more. 

I also watched the movie Highway of Tears which is about young women who have been murdered or have disappeared on a stretch of highway in British Colombia.  Many of these women are aboriginal and most of them are young women – even teenagers.

You may wonder why I am posting about this.  I hope you will read some of the articles, find out more about this, carry prayers and love for these women and their families in a small area of your heart.  The world is slowly changing I hope.  Life is getting better for some women in some parts of the world.  But in a “civilized” country like Canada we should be concerned that so many aboriginal women are murdered or missing.  We should know about and care about all the women who are victimized.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Not just a Friday night

I missed out on signing up for Friday Night Sew In last Friday.  But I didn’t miss out on the sewing!  My friend Linda P. and I attended the spring No Snow retreat in beautiful Haines Junction.  We drove up on Wednesday night so we could be there for the early start at 8:30 Thursday morning.  There was much sewing to be had over the next four days with almost thirty ladies whirring away on their sewing machines.  IMG_8854[1]

Unlike many others I didn’t complete a quilt top, preferring to work on small articles.  Like another Sew Together bag…

IMG_8849[1] IMG_8848[1]

And a couple of cute little bunny bags..


a finished table runner…. you may remember that I was working on this one at my friend Dahn’s house back in February.  Well now it is bound and finished and ready to adorn my table….


And a second round for a hexie flower…. Lynette sent me a lovely gift of a set of second round hexies as a thank-you for my time as the coordinator for the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap...


The rest of the time I spent  working on my postage stamp quilt.  I was able to add three rows – I now have eleven rows done and about another thirty to go…. I don’t have a picture to show right now but stay tuned. 

So a lovely weekend of sewing fun.  Lots of good food and a few good laughs.  What more could one ask for?

I hope you had a great weekend too!


Monday, April 6, 2015

Friday Night with Friends

Friends, I thought about you on Friday night, but I didn’t do any sewing.

Hubby and I went camping.  We skied about an hour down the lake, put up a tarp lean-to, cooked smokies and potato packets on the fire and had a lovely evening. Here is our view at about 9 p.m. in the waning light.IMG_8825

My hubby is a good boy scout and knows how to set up a first class cooking fire…


Zeke, the scaredy dog, woke us up at about 4 a.m. quaking and shaking because the ice was cracking.  He is also afraid of beaver tail slaps, thunder, gun shots and fire crackers.  He had a nice nap in the morning sun the next day.  He was a tired puppy after quivering for about two hours…


I have been working on a sewing project over the past week though.  About two years ago I participated in the Get Your Hex On swap.  This was the most disappointing swap I have ever joined.  I sent out fabric and patterns to my partners.  One person never sent anything back.  A couple sent back their parts missing a few pieces.  Several people sewed their parts with the pieces reversed so I had to take them all apart and put them back together the right way.  Some didn’t make all the pieces because they said they didn’t have enough fabric – but I sent lots…  I was done with this project and didn’t think I would ever finish it, but it was hanging on my design wall taking up space.  I had to order some more green fabric for the background, but it arrived quickly … and now it is finis!!


This pattern is called Flower Ball and is by Geta Grama.  Check out her blog if you haven’t before.  She makes really beautiful pieces.

I’m not sure what I am going to do with this.  It is about 30 inches across .  I thought of appliqueing it to a white background and turning it into a baby quilt.  My friend Linda suggested that it would make a nice table topper, which put me on to the idea of a table cloth with the ball appliqued in the middle.  Anyone have any other ideas?

I made a swan postcard for Sheila in the spring postcard swap that she organized.  I forgot to take a photo before sending it so had to grab Sheila’s photo…

swan postcard

Sheila asked me if we have swans here.  Well yes we do.  Harbingers of spring and winter as they migrate through.


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and a productive Friday Night With Friends!  Smile