Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Friday Night Sew In report

Wendy extended Friday Night Sew In through Easter Monday,but I am still managing to post late.  But I am here and I sewed - those are two big accomplishments!

I did a little bit of hexie sewing over the weekend, starting with two sets of twelve 2nd round hexies for Kris, who was my swap partner for March.

Then I put some of my own second round hexies on to a couple of flowers.

I'm on a bit of a green roll.  :)

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Monday, March 14, 2016

52 Week Photo Challenge - Ice Cream

It is a good thing that I am attempting to keep up with this photo challenge, otherwise you may not have heard from me for a couple of months!  I certainly have done very little sewing lately.  Ah well, the busyness will slow down sometime soon and I have lots of sewing adventures lined up for April!

The word this week is ice cream.  Being lactose intolerant, I have a love/hate relationship with ice cream.  I love how it tastes, but not how it makes me feel after the taste sensation is over.  However, about a year ago I discovered coconut milk based ice cream.  It is almost as good as the real thing.  The texture is a bit more akin to a sherbet, but the flavours are delish!

Here is one of my favourite flavours, Cherry Amaretto made by So Delicious.  YUMMY!

What flavour do you love the most?

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Monday, March 7, 2016

52 Week Photo Challenge - Heat

Hello fans and visitors,

I seem to have missed a week in the photo challenge...  Life is moving at a very fast pace right now!

Well, the word for this week is "heat" and I have an easy subject for my photo.

Next to the sun, this is my favourite heat source.  Of course we aren't using it these days because the insurance company won't let us - too old and not certified to today's standards, they say.  It is a darn good stove though and kept us warm for more than twenty years.  I can't remember how the circles on the side came about.  I think one of the kids pressed a frisbee or something similarly circular against it when it was hot.  Now it hold my aloe plant (sad looking little dumpling), the egg shells that I grind prior to throwing them in the compost, and the dog's toys.  Oh, and the copper kettle that was a gift from my aunt and uncle, both deceased.  
I think I need to do some dusting.... 

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