Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A photo an hour

Here is my photo an hour post for Friday, July 27th.

7:30 a.m.  I’m ready to leave for work, but have to say good morning to my greenhouse and garden before I go.  I say hi every morning, when I get home and before I go to bed.  This morning there is a zucchini flower waiting for fertilization.


8:30 a.m. Arriving at work.  I just got an underground parking space at the law courts – spaces are allotted twice a year by draw, but I’m luckier at blog giveaways than I am in the parking draw, so this is a real treat.  However, my access code isn’t working, so the first order of business is to go over and speak to the security guard about getting it fixed.


9:30 a.m. Back at work – I work in a building across the street from the one above.  I spend a lot of my day on the computer.  Have to check e-mails and file them.  When you work for government everything has to be saved.


10:30 a.m. Time for a break and to move my car over to the garage now that my access is fixed.  This day can’t decide if it is going to be sunny or rainy.


11:30 a.m.  Still working at the computer, but I’ll give you a different view of my office.  This is my window; it’s great to have a view.  That building you see is a restaurant and wonderful smells waft up from it all morning as they prepare for the lunch crowd.  On the other side of it is a park where there is live music every weekday lunch hour during the summer.  It usually starts around 11:30 and goes to 1:30 and I can listen while I’m smelling the good smells.


12:30 p.m.  It’s still sunny so I’m eating my lunch by the river.  Someone is in there swimming – it must be a warm day!


1:30 p.m.  Here’s another view in my office.  I’m in my 19th year working with the department of Justice and although I’ve had seven office moves in that time, I continue to keep my little collection of familiar things that make my office mine.


2:30 p.m. Well the rain finally arrived…


3:30 p.m. Going down the hall to speak to someone.  We have these locked doors throughout our building.  After all this is where senior Justice officials work; they need their security.  I’m being facetious – I think it’s ridiculous.


4:30 p.m. Ahhh… work is done and I’m off now for nine days!


5:30 p.m. Grocery shopping is done and I’m waiting at my friend’s house for her to arrive.  We’re supposed to be going for a walk, but she is notoriously late coming home from work and I’m so tired I don’t think I can wait.


6:30 p.m. On the road for home; my friend didn’t arrive and I had to leave.  Here is my favourite mountain, welcoming me back to my little town.


7:30 p.m. I’ve put away the groceries and been to the library to find some books for the next week.   Next order of business is some attention to the garden.  The flowers want some water.


8:30 p.m.  There is a Delissio pizza in the oven.  DH isn’t home yet but I’m hungry.  Talking to DD # 3 on the phone while the pizza cooks.


9:30 p.m. Taking the dog for a walk.  But where is the dog?  Well I lost him.  He is a most loyal dog and although he explores in the bush he always re-joins me after a few minutes.  But tonight he disappeared.  He was at home when I got there…


10:30 p.m.  Checking e-mails and sending some replies, then I’m off to bed. 


Hope you enjoyed travelling through my day with me.  Can you see why I never have any time to sew? Smile


Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Best-Laid Plans

of mice and men often go awry… And women too it seems.

I didn’t sleep a wink last night until about 5 a.m. and I couldn’t get out of bed this morning.  A symptom of depression, this happens once in a while – like every two weeks or so – and I suppose shouldn’t have been a surprise considering all the activity last week.  Anyway when I finally got up at 11:30 this morning I decided that this wasn’t the day to start my photo an hour project.  So I postponed it until tomorrow. 

It was hot today and I didn’t accomplish much as I was still fatigued.  But I did manage to complete my hexie flowers for July and they will be in the mail tomorrow.


I have been negligent in showing my received hexie flowers and 6 inch blocks for the last while. 

6 inch blocks from Billy for April…with some scraps and a lovely card.  I adore how she did these with three fabrics.  No one else has been that adventurous.


6 inch blocks from Ann for May….Isn’t it interesting how different the yellow and orange look with the red…


6 inch blocks from Cathy for July….  Ann’s and Cathy’s reds are different although they look similar in the photos…


Hexie flowers for April from Dawn…Such cute bugs and flowers…


Hexie flowers for May from Linda… and a pretty card…


Hexie flowers for June from Edda…I especially love the grey one, but the hearts are cute too…


I have to go to bed now so I can get out of bed in the morning….



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July, July

Our summer has finally arrived and so have the scheduled summer events and company.  First DD # 2 came home from Newfoundland for a one week visit. 

Then DD # 2, DH, two grandkids and I went to Edmonton for a family reunion.  All my siblings were there; my sister from Australia with her hubby and two grown children, my sister from New Brunswick and my brother and his wife from Seattle.  We were lucky enough to see approximately thirty-five of our relatives from both sides of the family.  And the weather was stupendous!  Sunny and 28 to 33 degrees C.  We were on the 31st floor of a downtown hotel.


We swam everyday, attended a street festival and a farmer’s market, visited Muttart Gardens, had lunch with both sides of the family and got to introduce our 86 year old aunt to our 92 year old aunt and spent an afternoon at the “official” reunion in the park eating lots of food and playing croquet, Boccia, volleyball and chatting.  I didn’t make it to any quilt shops.


Then one of my dearest friends sent me an e-mail and said she was coming from Toronto for a visit.  Our summer arrived just in time for her visit.  She was here for four days and we had a busy and active time.  We spent two days sailing, attended a BBQ with about thirty friends, walked in the desert….


made many things rhubarb – rhubarb and strawberry pie, rhubarb coffee cake, rhubarb jam, rhubarb juice, oh and blueberry muffins.  We had a cookout and hike on one of the mountains….



then a day long visit with one friend and dinner with another couple.  All kinds of people that never make it out from Whitehorse showed up that weekend!

I’m back at work for three days, then we have another couple of friends arriving on Saturday for a four day visit.  Then we are hopefully off on a five day sailing trip with some other friends. 

Needless to say I haven’t got a lot of sewing done recently.  I did make these hexie flowers for my June swap partner…


And these blocks for the July New Bee recipient… 


And these blocks for my July six inch block swap partner.


Sometime in the next couple of days I need to finish my hexie flowers for my July swap partner and my round on the Mystery Round Robin block for this month. 

But since I’m not going to get much other sewing done in the next few weeks I’m going to tackle another creative project.  I’m going to do a seven day picture an-hour-project.  I’ll start this week with tomorrow,Thursday, then do Friday next week, and so on.  I haven’t figured much else out about my rules for myself but I’m sure I’ll make up a few.

See you tomorrow with my photo an hour post!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Night Sew In Report

I wasn’t overly productive last night, but I did manage to finish my first block for the postage stamp quilt.  Since I’m participating in this swap of two inch postage stamp squares, I figured I’d better start putting them together.  Ta-da…


Please don’t look too closely at the paint peeling off the side of the house.  This is our first sunny day in a month so I decided to take advantage of the natural light for a photo.

I’m thinking of putting my blocks together with sashing in a colour like this.


What do you think? 

I won a $20 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop from Jen during the Table Topper blog hop which has now been put to good use.  I ordered a bit of a darker purple to try out – and I also ordered a Kona colour card so I can check out all the hues.

There are 100 squares in this block and I have 1500 charms currently.  With another 500 I can make a double bed size quilt.

It is Christmas Quilt Along day, hosted by Lynn today.  I haven’t started any Christmas Quilting yet, but I still have time.  DH has gone with a friend to move our sailboat from its current mooring over to nearby.  It is a thirty-something trip by water.  They may be here tonight, or may stay out overnight.  So my evening is my own. 

Hope you are all having a lovely summer, or winter, day.