Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This week (January 16–22) I

Survived the first real cold weather we’ve had this winter.  Low –30s all week.  Car pooled to work with a friend most days.  Wore my long johns and felt packs and carried extra clothes in case the car broke down.  Had an electric heater on in my freezing office.  Cold weather really zaps the energy though and it was a busy work week as well.  It’s warmed up to –25 or so now.  Right balmy so I ….
Went for a nice long snowshoe this afternoon….
Received this lovely Christmas block from Sue. Thanks Sue…
Made these hexies for my January swap partner, Alberta ….
Made this block for my January partner in Victoria's New Bee swap, Kathy…
Made this strip block to send to Karen for the group strip quilt…
Participated, somewhat half-heartedly, in Friday Night Sew In.  Check this post to see the little bit of sewing I got done….
Made this Christmasy mug rug top….don’t ask why I’m making a Christmas mug rug now….someone gave me the half square triangles and they were calling out to me to be sewn…
Finished cutting my second two sets of 2 inch blocks for Mary's Postage Stamp Charm Swap and Challenge….I’ve now got 400 charms cut….and started cutting three more sets…
Whew!  I think that’s enough for one week!


  1. You make me laugh, minus 25 balmy???
    Its 36c (+) here today, thats balmy - or downright awfully hot even in the shade.

  2. You've cut how many squares? That sounds like a real labour of love to me.

  3. Well, one thing about such nice 'balmy' weather - lots of quilting gets done. Glad to hear you were able to get outside a little bit! It's been too icy here to venture out much, but looks like all is melting. Love the blocks that you have done!

  4. Nice that your still able too work that cold. The blocks you have for your swaps look nice.

  5. Brrrr! I guess all that shiver energy is making for good quilting. All of your projects seem to be coming along nicely.

  6. I'm shivering here and it is only a bit below freezing.

  7. You have been busy. I'm sorry you are so cold but I love hearing about it as we are being roasted here in Australia.