Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year’s Day

Your going to start to think that I am going to post everday!  I’m not, I just have a lot of posts to catch up on right now. Smile 

DD # 3 came over yesterday so she could finish sewing the apron she was making her boyfriend’s sister for Christmas.  She used to sew freehand when she was very small and I still have a doll that she made.  But she hasn’t sewn for years.  She often says she wants to make something but never follows through, until now.  Here she is hard at work.


And ta da!


After dinner we played Euchre and partners Cribbage on our new crib board – a gift from DD # 2’s “friend” in Newfoundland.


This board is very fun to play on – you go up over the hill and down into the valleys.  (Sorry the photo is terrible.)  This board is made from a moose antler….


All the way from Newfoundland.  Some facts about Newfoundland.  The provincial flag is green, white and pink!  I never knew that but there is a Newfoundland flag painted on the top of the board.  Albeit they have since come up with a more modern flag but the green, white and pink is the original.  Go here to see the flag and learn some history.

Moose were an introduced species to Newfoundland around the turn of the century (the last century – ie 1900).  Now there are more moose per square inch in Newfoundland than anywhere else in the world; approximately 150,000 moose. 

Newfoundland practices the interesting Christmas custom of mummery – people dress in strange costumes and go door to door, where they are fed and plied with liquor.  Music and dance are important pieces of the tradition.   Here is an old time video…it’s sort of like a home invasion….

DD # 2’s friend sent me a mummer tree ornament.  I love it!


And on into 2012!



  1. Oh, a game of cribbage on a moose horn, what fun! Well, what fun on any board. I think I have one made of whale bone in the shape of a whale but my favorite is one that holds the deck of cards and pegs inside and can go with me to Scout functions where I can find old geezers who know how to play the game.

  2. I have never played cribbage but I have serious moose envy. When we lived in CT we went for a family trip to NH and went on a moose spotting trip around all the reported moose spotting areas - no luck - but my rotten hubby suddenly shouted "there's a moose" and of course there wasn't but he delights in telling the story - not happy!Enjoy your games! Looks like fun!

  3. Im happy with you posting every means I get to learn about you and your home state xx

  4. Mrs. Rushant, that post made my day! Its a pleasure to follow the blog...even the sewing pics! hope to see you all again in 2012...

    DD#2's "friend"

  5. My hubby LoVeS crib too...Me .. not so much.
    He would LoVe your board!
    You all look like you are having FuN ! :)

  6. It's interesting how different places and even different families have different Christmas traditions, isn't it?