Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This week I….

Went cross country skiing twice, on Monday and today…
Took a day and a half off work with the stomach flu – feeling better finally today…
Read The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  An excellent read…
Watched the movie Midnight in Paris and enjoyed it immensely…
Received these blocks in the mail: December adventure block from Margaret…..
November six inch blocks from Robyn…
I sewed these six inch blocks for the January swap with Jolanda…
And this block for the January Christmas swap with Sue…
I made this postcard for a Yahoo group postcard swap I am in.  I drew the dragon using this tutorial…
I have to make two more Year of the Dragon postcards for the swap…
I prepared ten of these hexies to send to DD # 2 for the Grandmother’s Flower Garden stepping stones…I’m not sure how preparing the hexies became my job…
And I cut two sets of fifty-five two inch blocks for the
at The Curious Quilter.  I have to cut forty-five more blocks for each set as we are swapping sets of a hundred…
It feels like a productive week…  Back to work tomorrow…
How was your week?


  1. WOW Janet you are in as many swaps as me. It does keep us on our toes.
    All your blocks are lovely.
    Ah !! I think I will pass on the 2" squares swap one.

  2. That sounds like a good week, except for being sick but the sewing and the good book (I liked it too) and the movie are all welcome additions to any week!

  3. You have been a busy little beaver. I love my tree :)

  4. Sounds and looks like you had an extremely productive week, especially since you were also fighting the flu bug. All blocks received and sent are wonderful and your dragon post card is amazing!!

  5. You have been productive...glad you are feeling better x

  6. very productive week..... cutting all those little squares takes some time ...

  7. That first block is amazing! I love it. Sounds like you have been very productive. In the past few days I have finsihed two quilt backs, made a drawstring bag and a change mat from flannelette, tested my Brother 1500S machine to see if was working properly off the quilting frame (we've been having trouble with it), finished a romatic novel, knitted one and half socks, had a stomach bug and attended a funeral.

  8. It's because you have an iron! You could get me an iron then it would be designated my job again:)

  9. You were sick and you went skiing and you got all that done! Guess I'd better get off my duff.

  10. Great effort for a bad week!!! :)