Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This week I …. (January 23–January 29)

Took pictures of snow to help the hot Australians cool off…No sun here this week so the photos are dull…
IMG_4487                 IMG_4488

Stayed in Whitehorse from Monday through Thursday… Some friends rent an apartment in Whitehorse and they are away.  They offered the use of the apartment to my friend Donna and I.  It was interesting getting home from work at 4:45 p.m. and going for an after work walk in the daylight.  I missed DH, the dog and my bed though… I’ll be staying there again this week coming up….
Went to a play.  I haven’t been to a play in years.  This wasn’t the right play to resume a play-going career with.  It was called Almighty Voice and his Wife” by Daniel David Moses.  It was very “edgy” and was not the kind of play one leaves saying “I liked it”.  Here is what it is about…

Almighty Voice and His Wife tells the story of a Native hero/victim from two different perspectives. Almighty Voice was a 19th century Saskatchewan Cree, whose poaching of a settler’s cow resulted in his incarceration, escape from jail and his shooting of a Mountie. He was tracked down by a large group of police and civilians, and shot. The first act provides a naturalistic portrait of Almighty Voice and his wife, White Girl. The second act shows how the story has been appropriated by a non-Native society in an attempt to locate an “almighty Native voice.” Almighty Voice is now a Ghost and his wife White Girl is the Interlocutor or Master of Ceremonies, dressed as a Mountie. Both wear whiteface, and engage in a parodic vaudeville routine which mocks the expectations and assumptions of a White audience.

Started my new year exercise routine….20 minutes a day minimum of walking, skiing, running, snow shoeing…. I walked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and snow shoed on Friday….

Got together with friends to prepare some dinners for the freezer….lasagne and squash/apple soup… We all went home with two pans of lasagne and  three containers of soup, enough for about eight meals…

Received my first Year of the Dragon postcard from the swap I’m participating in… very ferocious…

Also received the first of my Mystery Muse offerings…. My word is Happiness and I received this imaginative box…
IMG_4495I can write my happiness wishes or achievements each month on one of the twelve panels…  too cute…

I completed my second Mystery Muse offering for my giftee…These are the Chinese/Japanese/Kanji symbols for “brave spirit”.  I hope I’ve written them correctly – I bet a little mistake in a brush stroke can change the meaning…This is a postcard by the way….I didn’t take a photo of the back…

I finished cutting the three matching sets of 100 – 2 inch blocks…I have plans for more but haven’t started yet.

And I made a little progress on quilting the fairy quilt…I finished stitching around all the blocks… then I tried leaves but didn’t like how they were looking so I ripped them out and I’m doing stars….

I don’t know if I’ll get this done this week because I still have to finish two Year of the Dragon postcards before the end of January….Yikes!!!
IMG_4489    Smile

I’m off to bed...


  1. I am always amazed at the amount of snow, and do you ever think" I'll stay home" when there is so much on the road. Love the symbols and the fairies.Cheers from Jean in NZ

  2. Love the snow pics - just snow pretty!

  3. the snow pics are definitely refreshing. thanks.
    Love the postcards.
    happy stitching.

  4. when do you sleep? Well done with the walking xx

  5. Not the sort of play I think I'd like!

    Getting together to make meals sounds like so much fun!

  6. I love to see your snowy pictures, being more of a winter girl. Great effort on all the walking, I am back with my personal trainer need to lose the kilos that pile on over Christmas. Only trouble is I still have some Christas gingerbread and lovely Belgian chocolates in the pantry.

  7. Gosh you have got a lot on and such interesting things you are making... love the snow pictures....

  8. Oh thank you Janet for the Lovely Snow Phots. Love them.

    Boy you sure are busy.Working on lots of fun projects but when do you sleep???

  9. I am also saying thanks for the snow pictures. I was always looking forward to retirement so I could enjoy the snow (in Maryland) and yet not have to drive in it to work... so where did we retire to? North Georgia... where it might sprinkle snow which melts within minutes....

  10. I hate it when plays are so edgy they disappoint. That was a strange-sounding one. What a cute dragon to get! The stars look terrific. :D

  11. I love the dragon. Is that a quilt block? And the kanji is neat too.