Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This week I…..(January 9–15)

Noticed that the light is starting to return; it isn’t completely dark when I leave work anymore….
Experienced my first really cold weather this winter…. – 25 today and the wind chill makes it feel like –40s…it is supposed to be in the –30s tonight and tomorrow with more wind chill….
Saw this bizarre sight in my town….A German tire company called Fulda brings many of its employees to the Yukon each winter as a reward and they go to different places and do activities.  They are all issued identical clothing and drive identical vehicles.  Here they are having a competition hauling logs on a sled, but it was very windy and bitter cold out and I’m sure they were wondering why they were doing this…
Received my lovely January Adventure block from Susan….
And made this block for her.  The pattern is Lynne's Lynne Bob Square Pants.  Susan wanted it with whites instead of blacks, and modern fabrics….
Received my December hexie flowers from Lynette…  She sent a couple of cute charm squares too.  So sweet of her….
Made this inspiration item for my Mystery Muse partner….you can see I utilized my dragon again…Smile
Finished cutting my 100 packs of 2 inch blocks for the swap and started cutting a couple more sets…
And most exciting, DH and I celebrated our 34th anniversary yesterday.  We went and stayed overnight at our friends’ cabin in Atlin, two hours drive from home.  Cold, but very beautiful…
I hope your week has been equally full and wonderful…


  1. Happy anniversary. Gorgeous photo from your cabin. We celebrated our 34th on 3rd December!

  2. Happy Anniversary, what a magical place you escaped to.
    Glad I don't work for that German company. Wouldn't mind the trip but not the activities. Must be very motivational!

  3. Well, that log hauling activity looks good for building a nice fire in the end. (The Scout in me speaks) Happy anniversary!

  4. Congratulations!! a real milestone, and what a great place to stay.The blocks are lovely, I like the first design so much. Enjoy your years together, and the weather,stunning scenery.Cheers from Jean in NZ

  5. 34 years, happy anniversary! Lots of great things going on where you are!

  6. Happy anniversary..looks like you celebrated in a wonderful spot xx I will not moan about the frost and cold here any more!! x

  7. Happy Anniversary Mrs. and Mr. Rushant! Pictures look great! Im reading a Jack London book now, and he makes many referances to the cold up there. It gets cold here...but I don't know if my Newfie skin could handle -40!

  8. ahh Janet your German visitors are doing something very German it's called "Betriebsausflug" (freely translated as: company excursion) to improve the bonding between the emplyees ... (at least that's the theroy, usually it's just fun and food)