Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking back on 2011

I was thinking I hadn’t done much sewing in 2011, then I made a mosaic.  I realized that I have done LOTS of sewing.  I only made two full size quilts this past year, but I made lots of smaller items.  Here is my mosaic.  I didn’t figure out how to add the captions, so I’ll list what they are below the photo.

mosaicff257a7cb99c26fb9c1cb29372aa7ec755db6448 (1)

Left to right, top to bottom:  1. Mug rug, my Yukon home, I kept this one.  2. Hanging case for my measuring spoons.  3. Mug rug for Beth, Mug Rug Swap Adventure # 1. 4. Pin cushion for Isijem, Scrappy Pincushion Swap. 5. Toadstool pin cushion, this one was for me. 6. Brown bag quilt top.  I would like to get this one backed and quilted this year. 7. Hot pad made for Jody in the Hot Pad Swap. 8. Mug rug for Helen, Goodie Swap. 9. Mini quilt for Beth, 12 X  12 Something from Nothing Swap. 10. Garbage mini quilt.  I wanted to do a garbage series but this is the only one I got done. 11. Postcard for Fiona, for our private “one year of blogging” swap.  12. Mug rug for Hattie, Mug Rug Swap Adventure # 2.  13. Mug rug for Narelle, Crafty Pug’s Christmas Mug Rug Swap.  14 & 15.  Front and back of quilt made for friends who got married in September.  16. Bag for Helen, Goodie Swap.  17. Bag for Kathleen, Goodie Swap.  18. Mug Rug for Kathleen, Goodie Swap.  19. Post card for Sheila, her Post Card Swap. 20. Pin cushion for Marian, Kat’s Scrappy Swap.  21. Mug rug for Hilary, Mug Rug Swap Adventure # 3.  22. Table runner for Lynne, Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap.  23. Bag for DD # 1’s 32nd birthday.  24. The fabulous quilt for DGS. 25. A blind for DD # 2’s bedroom – many years in the making. 

I participated in lots of swaps this year!  I also participated in a couple of  round robins – the 15 Minutes Play Challenge, the Crazy Pincushion Quilt Along, – and five monthly block swaps – Adventure Block Swap, Christmas Block Swap, 6 inch Block Swap, Inchy Hexagon Swap and Victoria’s New Bee Block Swap. 

I am behind on three obligations from 2012: a scissor keep for Kerry, a pay it forward for Cheryl and a cat block for Em. 

For 2012 I am determined that I won’t sign up for so many swaps.  I’ve already signed up for three though….Somebody please rein me in!

Other big events for 2011: my 8000 kilometer journey across Canada in February, starting a new job at the beginning of August, a great potato crop this summer, a really nice trip with DH in November. 

I don’t know what 2012 will bring but I have lots of intentions for being a nicer person, spreading more love and being happy. 



  1. Looks like lots of lovely things from 2011 - good luck with the swaps for 2012 - they are a little addictive I suspect.

  2. Looks to me as if you managed A LOT in 2011, maybe catching your breath will be a good start to 2012..then OFF YOU GO! Hvae fun xx

  3. Wow! I think you accomplished a lot!