Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TUSAL Report and some gifts from the retreat

I missed posting my TUSAL(totally useless sew-a-long) report on April 21st.  I only managed to get internet service for about half an hour one afternoon while at the retreat.  Not that I tried that often – too busy sewing Smile 

For those who don’t know the TUSAL report is posted on the new moon each month.  It is a photo of all your scraps that you would normally have thrown away the previous month.  The last couple of months I have been putting all my scraps in the TUSAL jar, but this month I decided to go with just threads.  My jar is not nearly as full!


If you check out the window you can see that the snow is largely gone from my yard. 

At the retreat we played a few games for prizes, did a “Chinese auction” gift exchange and received a gift from the ladies from Haines.

I won one prize in the fabric game; my friend Linda who I went with one three!  I got these three gorgeous fat quarters.  Gotta love those oranges!  The top one is Fiesta from Robert Kaufman.  The other two don’t have the name selvedge on. 


In the gift exchange I got some lotus flower tea light holders which were beautiful, but not my style at all….and apparently no-one else’s style because no-one stole them from me.  In the end I gave them to one lady who had admired them but chose to open a gift rather than take them.  She then graciously gave me the gift she had won, a little souvenir plate.  It is cute and I can give it away to someone who comes to visit – if I don’t hang it on my plate wall. 


The cosmetic holder was an extra that came with my gift – very nifty and I can use it to carry small items to sewing classes or retreats Smile 

The ladies from Haines, Alaska are very sweet.  They often bring gifts for everyone and get up early to do their quilt fairy thing, so you come to your sewing table to a lovely surprise in the morning.  This year I got a neat looking book and a little needle keep with some funky pins.


I know it’s a far cry from those retreats where people come home with baskets full of things donated by all kinds of sponsors, but this is more personal and lots of fun! 

Still more to come sometime this week as I have to show all my mail!



  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the retreat.
    At our retreats in Aussie we don't get gifts from sponsers but I go for the friendship, chatting, eating, drinking and sewing...
    I see from your previous post you did heaps of great sewing....

  2. A friend told me those little thread ends are called Orts. (I think I have spelt it right) I have a little jug that I am collecting orts in too. I will use them to stuff a pincushion.

  3. I would say it's nicer to get something thoughtful and personal than just tons of things that everyone else gets too... btw. your thread jar would look lovely as a bottle garden ... with some flowering moss in it or just some green selaginella ... but yes it also loks good as thread catcher but I care more for plants than cut off threads

  4. I love seeing all the fun things you brought home. As for the retreats with the baskets full of prizes....rarely have I seen anyone who won that really used what they I think you are having a great time and that's the best prize ever :)


  5. But so much fun just being with quilters and concentrating on your favorite pastime! Great little gifties!

  6. Any kind of retreat would be a pleasure. Sounds very happy!