Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, April 2, 2012

This week, March 26th to April 1st, I….

Feel like I didn’t get a whole lot done, between a busy work week and some ill health.  As well it was year end for our local recreation board.  I do their book keeping so spent a lot of time on the weekend making sure all the last year bills were paid.

I did manage to spend an evening earlier in the week making perogies with my friend Donna…. there are two layers there, hence the lumpy look.  These are in the freezer for future consumption…


I finished the third of the Purple postcards and got them mailed….


Here are the three of them together…. You cannot tell from the photos but the middle strips are scrunched up with Texture Magic and then dotted with beads….


I also made this block and wrote a tutorial for it ….as it is my month in  Victoria’s New Bee swap over on this site….


It is constructed out of “made” fabric. Sewing scraps together in a random manner to make pieces of fabric and then cutting the required pieced from that…..


And that is all for this week….

Edited to add... EXCEPT I almost FORGOT, (how could I forget), to say that Spring is here, the swans are back.... Glorious skiing on the lake in the sun, over to the river which is more and more open everyday and filled with these guys...




  1. Looks to me like you accomplished a lot , perogies , my granddaughters would love those . Great postcards , I am sure they will be thrilled to receive them . I also love those scrappy blocks , wow great idea!!

  2. The swans are so graceful on the water,looks like there is still lots of snow around,but your springtime is showing its sign.Here we are going to get more gale winds,thankful I have left the tent accommodation this time.Cheers from Jean.

  3. Your week looks busy.... and such fun projects.... lovely to see the swans

  4. the river looks beautiful.... I think the procedure of sewing scraps together and then cutting them up again should be an interesting technique. I shall have to keep that in mind and give it a try.

  5. what a great add to the postcards, I enlarged the photo and you could see the scrunchy detail and beads-lovely. I like the effect of the made fabric too. Great block.

  6. Janet, I always get lost (in a good way!) in your blog because of all the interesting things you write about....I HAD to google the Perogies to see exactly what they were and they sound fabulous! My MIL and her sister were of Czech ancestry and when they got together they would make up a mountain of Kolaches and put them in the freezer.....I love your made fabric block....will try that someday. The swans are magnificent! Always an adventure when I drop in.....

  7. The swans are gorgeous Janet, great photos. What a wonderful sign of Spring! And I love your block out of made-fabric!

  8. Lovely pic of the swans: would love to see them in person, but my DH hates cold weather and snow, so we will probably stay here in Ca. :-)