Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This week, April 23rd to 29th, I….

Sewed absolutely nothing!  I am still quite tired out after the retreat last weekend and a few busy weeks at work. 

I travelled to Mayo for work this week.  A five hour drive from Whitehorse and one goes through two small towns in that five hours.  Like many towns in the Yukon, Mayo is situated on a river: the Stewart River.  Although the snow on the ground has left early this year, there is still ice on the rivers.


Mayo is known for its temperature extremes.  From    Mayo set the record for the Yukon's extreme high on June 14, 1969, when the thermometer topped out at 36.1 degrees Celsius. The extreme low for that community, -62.2 degrees Celsius, was recorded in 1947.  With a difference of 98.3 degrees Celsius between the extreme high and low temperatures, Mayo holds the Canadian record for the greatest range of absolute temperatures.

I saw no animals on the trip, other than two wolves that I saw five minutes from my home when I was returning on Thursday evening.  I had a good look at them as we sized each other up for a few minutes but was so surprised to see them that I didn’t even think to pick up my camera.  I had a glimpse of two wolves running off the road back in February.  Other than that I’ve never seen wolves near the road in 35 years in the Yukon. 

Speaking of ice on the river, the ice on the Yukon River is a beautiful blue colour right now.  I did get pictures of that…. No touch ups here and it isn’t a reflection from the sky – the ice is really that colour.  I have no idea what causes this…Any scientists out there know?


The pussy willows are out, I’ve seen some crocus buds and there is a mating pair of eagles in the area.  Spring is definitely here…


I will be back later this week to show my quilt receipts from the mail as I promised…



  1. beautiful pics, love the pussy willow.
    When we went to New Zealand the waters there were a magnificent blue/aqua colour and I think I read that it was because of an algae in the glacial waters. Don't know if this would be why in your waters?

  2. Beautiful scenery. The blue ice is amazing. Here in the UK it is impossible to imagine driving for that long and only passing 2 towns.

  3. Loved the photos Janet , the blue ice is gorgeous .I was amazed at the difference in temperatures , didn't think it ever got that hot in the north and really that was quite early in the year for that heat. The Yukon is sure a beautiful place , thanks so much for sharing .hugs Sheila

  4. What beautiful photos Janet. so nice to see your part of the world...

  5. What beautiful pictures - I always enjoy the area where you live and work.. it looks familiar (pussy willow!), but terribly different at the same time. We have had weeks and weeks (it feels like!) rain here in the UK, but spring is well advanced, everything is very green.

  6. thanks for sharing photos from your amazing part of the world.