Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This week, April 10th to 15th, I….

It has been a busy week.  I had to work late two days this week, and consequently stayed in Whitehorse.  And I worked on Friday, which I normally have off.  I’m trying to get everything caught up because I am taking this coming Thursday and Friday off to go to a quilt retreat.  YAY!

Aside from the blocks I made on Saturday during Christmas Quilt-a-long and the BINGO card I made this evening for May for Me BINGO, I had one major sewing accomplishment this week….

I finished the last fifteen blocks for DD # 2’s quilt and got them up on my design wall so I have the layout.  Double YAY!


This is a queen size quilt and there are 195 of those babies!  I’ll be taking this with me to the quilt retreat and hope to have a pieced top to show by this time next week! 

The Name Game swap miniquilt that I made for Wendy has arrived in Queensland, so I now show what I made.  Wendy’s blog name is Sugar Lane Quilts.  I was going to make something sweet, and then I read Wendy’s blog where she talks about how much they love living in Queensland, where they grow sugarcane and have lovely beaches.  So I went with that theme. I was super pleased with how this turned out.


DGS and DGD stayed over last night.  We had a busy time: walking the dog, bike riding, jumping on the trampoline, cooking and eating, playing Candyland, reading books, having a sauna, playing in the sandbox and just plain old playing. 

DGD has a doll; her name is Brianne.  Brianne has to do everything we do.  She is quite active.   Brianne came for a bike ride with us today…


Of course she had to ride on the back of my bike.  Brianne has lovely clothes and she has a raincoat and boots coming in the mail.  I would like to make a pack so that DGD can carry Brianne on her back when she wants.  Kind of like a baby backpack.  If anyone knows of a pattern for one for a doll please let me know.

Brianne was sitting at the table this morning eating pancakes (!) and I noticed that DGD had made her a personalized place-mat out of felt pens on paper.  I took this as flattery.  I make DGD and place-mat last week and this week she makes one for her doll Smile 

I’ve got lots of preparation to do to get ready to go to the retreat, and lots of work to finish before Thursday.  I think I should go to sleep now.



  1. Janet just Google "Free backpack pattern for a Doll" and I am sure you will get many.....

  2. You did have a busy week, but it'll be well worth it when you finish work on Wednesday to go off to your retreat. I'm not jealous at all!

    I love your name game mini quilt. It's so clever, specially the people on the beach in their deckchairs.

  3. Hi Janet,

    This morning's commute to work took me 2 hours to travel 6 miles. All the traffic, broken down trains and buses were packed like sardines which made everyone just a little bit snarly.

    After I settled in I had a few minutes before my first meeting and I browsed through the recent postings through Block Swap Adventure. I came across your blog and was struck at the awesome beauty in your blog photo.

    I could picture myself right there, feeling the cold wind on my cheek, and smelling the lake water while listening to the waves lap the shore line. I was transfixed. It was exactly what I needed to shake off the claustrophobic feeling I get while riding a subway. Thanks so much for posting such pretty pictures. They are of themselves a sort of ministry, I think. The lake shot will be my screen saver this week.

  4. That is going to be a gorgeous quilt, Janet! It's so much fun to have the grandkids over - they make us young again.

  5. stunning green & blue sunshine & shadow - with sparkles of orange! Good work!

  6. Sometimes I think I live out in the boonies! Your blog surely puts that in perspective.

    You are so creative. I would appreciate your comments on my blog, Creativity Check-in

  7. Grandkids are so cute, aren't they?