Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, April 13, 2012

Giveaway winner and April Christmas Quilt Along

Wow!  282 comments!  That is definitely a record for me.  I’ll tell you who the winner is in a minute, but first I need to let you know the results of my survey.

You liked thirty-three different lines at The Intrepid Thread!  Some people couldn’t decide and just liked them all.  Quite a few people liked the bundles that Julie puts together.  The line that got the most votes was Poetica, followed closely by Peak hour and Fruit Slice. 

A lot of people said they also love Cosmos.  A few people politely said the fabric perplexes them Smile  

There was a huge range of suggestions for what I should make: bags, quilts, place mats, table runners, skirts, Christmas tree skirts, pillow cases, kimonos, aprons and a landscape.  Some people thought I should do up my sewing room, kitchen or living room with the fabric.  Billie Bee suggested I make her a beautiful quilt Smile 

Some people suggested specific patterns I could make; and there were lots of suggestions for types of blocks: hexies, zigzag, 1/2 square triangles, circles, strips, stars, chevrons, kaleidoscope, granny square, twister, rail fence, retro flower, snowball, pinwheel, D9P (I had to look that one up), diamonds, bento box,swoon, sudoku, schnibble, dresdens and circle in a star.

Many people felt that whatever I make it should have big blocks to show off the patterns in the fabric.  Twenty-seven people voted for me to make a quilt and fifteen thought I should make a bag.  The block that got the most votes is the Swoon block.

Thanks for all the fabulous suggestions!  I will be looking into them more closely once the fabric arrives (no day after ordering delivery here – if it comes in a week I am more than happy).

The winner is ….(sorry I couldn’t get the little picture to copy)

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Kathy MacKie Apr 6, 2012 11:37 AM

I love the Poetica line, thanks for the giveaway.

Congratulations Kathy!  I’ll e-mail your right away.

And a reminder to everyone that Saturday April 14th is Christmas Quilt Along day, hosted this month by Lesley at The Cuddle Quilter.  See you there.  I’ve got three Christmas quilts to work on now!



  1. so many great suggestions... it will be fun to see what you finally choose to do... well done Kathy... excellent

  2. so many comments!! Well done xx Waiting to see what you decide on... have fun with your Christmas makes... dont want to think how SOON it will be here xx

  3. Well Janet, I finally figured out how to comment after all this time following you. I love love love the connections to fabric stores, the hard part is not buying something every time I look. Its always fun to see what you have made.
    Linda P