Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Spy was finished for Christmas

I managed to complete the quilting and sew the binding on my DGD’s quilt in the 18 hours between booking our flights on the 18th and leaving for the airport on the 19th.  And I managed to finish sewing the binding on before Christmas day – although I was completing it at midnight on Christmas Eve.  I only took a few pictures but wanted to show off this quilt that took me three years or more. 

There was lots of time spent looking for fabrics.  After I sewed all the wings on the hexagons and sewed them together in rows I realized that they were not going to match up when I sewed the rows together.  The quilt went into pause mode for quite a while.  Then I had a Eureka moment and knew that I could rectify it by adding the little strips.  I started the quilting on it early in 2010, but got bogged down somewhere along the way and took another break for a month or two.

I think it is a beauty and my DGD loves it.  DGS said “Grandma, did you sew this?”  Now I’ll have to make one for him too…


It is a lap size quilt, but I didn’t get an exact measurement.


The backing fabric came from my non-sewing friend who bought reams of fabric to make wrap around skirts for an abortion clinic twenty years ago.  She gifted me with the fabric a couple of years ago when she was cleaning out her garage.  DGD picked the sunflowers from the various choices.IMG_2863

I did “in the ditch” quilting around every hexagon, then the swirls and loops on the blue.


The inner border has a traditional motif.  I have decided that writing is one of my favourite quilting designs and the second border has writing all the way around.  These capital letters are so easy to do.  The third border (in yellow) has loops and stars – the same as I used on the mug rug DGD made for her mom.  The binding is green polka dots – the same as DGD chose for the background of her dad’s mug rug.  Tying the family together.



  1. Lovely quilt Janet - the free motion quilting you have done is great.... I am working on mine this next year...

  2. Hi Janet!
    Lovely quilt for DGD!
    The quilting is great!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Wonderful, and I like the strips between the rows. I had thought it was a design choice, rather than a "fix-it" strategy! Very cool! And how wonderful that there are features that tie together lots of different quilts in the family.

  4. Where did you get the pattern for this? I love the idea! If you made this up, how did you manage to make the wings? I adore the I Spy theme in each hexagon.