Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Not much accomplished yesterday for sewing.  Had to go to Whitehorse for my biyearly eye exam.  Stopped at the quilt store to look for yellow or orange fabrics and came home with a big bag of scraps which I only just started sorting. 

The seniors and volunteers Christmas party went really well.  We had more than 60 people attend.  Kevin, our local professional musician, who volunteers his music and sound equipment for every local event, came and played country/bluegrass Christmas music along with a friend of his from Kentucky.  Mrs. Claus showed up to help serve dinner and I had a dance with her. 

The Native people’s tradition of potlatches includes taking food home.  If you have a dinner event and there isn’t food to take home the elders at least don’t quite understand why.  So we had lots of food and recyclable take home containers.  The traditional turkey dinner was delish, there were about fifteen different deserts to try and everyone who wanted to got to take home a container of each course. 

Unfortunately I forgot my camera so no pictures. 

My grandchildren were here when I got home – they are having a two night sleepover.  We had to watch Dennis the Menace and read a couple of books before they went to bed.  I just managed to produce a couple more blocks for my colours quilt before I had to go to bed too.  Here they are – the two purple ones are the new additions.


My DGD and I are going to sew mug rugs this afternoon.  She has her designs, fabrics and trims all ready to go.



  1. Your blocks look great - how big are they? They seem pretty large to me. And I'm all caught up on your blog but haven't had the energy to comment lately. What lovely packages you've been getting in the mail!

  2. Hey Janet! Love the caribou photo!

    I really like your blocks, and wish I could "beam" you over to paw through my stash for the colors you need! Wouldn't that be SUCH a handy tool for we quilters???? : D

    Have fun with the grandkids!

    ~ Ronda, near the other Vancouver!

  3. Block colours are GrEaT! Good Luck with the mug rugs. Happy Holidays!

  4. Your blocks look more wonderful everytime you show them. I am really looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  5. love those blocks - will look so effective!