Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, January 1, 2011

PIPs (Pieces in Progress) to finish in 2011

I am going to add my list to Judy’s UFO Challenge at Patchwork Times.  I won’t necessarily do the projects according to the numbers she pulls however as there are some things that I want to have done by specific times.

3 Cat Stories Quilt – Made from scraps from my exchange with Vesuvius Mama last summer.  The top is 9/10ths finished.  I really want to finish this quilt.  I really like it.

Christine’s Quilt – 65 blocks left to sew out of 195.  I’d like to finish this one by February as she is coming for a visit then.

Kim’s flying geese quilt – Top is done, just needs to be quilted and bound.  This one has been in the works for three years.

Tammy’s quilt – a duplicate of Kim’s, only it isn’t nearly as far along.  The flying geese are made but not sewn together yet.  I need to get these two done at the same time.

Sunflower wall hanging – this has been on the go for several years as well.  I need to do some minimal hand piecing on it, then can put the blocks together and quilt it.

Celtic Knot table runner – this is only a year old.  I have done about half the quilting on it.  Not much to do to finish this one.

One block wonder – this quilt is for our bed.  I need my big design wall free to figure out the block placement.  This project is only six months old.

Postage stamp quilt – I’ve got 475 of the needed 525 blocks for this quilt.  Time to start putting them together.  I am sashing between each block so this is going to continue to be a leader/ender project, but I would like to finish it this year.

Colours quilt – No new blocks since I last posted about this quilt a few weeks ago.  I am still excited about it and want to work on it.  It is only a couple of months old.

Mushroom and toadstool pin cushions – pieces are all cut out and I’ve done half the embroidery.  Started these in October; time to get them done.

Puzzle pin cushion – I started this one in October as well.  Didn’t like the progress on it and I think I’ll restart and make the pieces bigger. 

Brown bag quilt – this is due by March so I need to get working on it.  Have the fabric and the idea but haven’t started cutting yet.

There’s my twelve.  I’ve got other unfinished pieces but if I get these ones done I’ll be happy. 

Here is my last completed item from 2010 – I do get some things done!  Mug rug for my friend who we had dinner with last night.


Happy New Year everyone!



  1. Wow, a lotta those to finish up early in the year! I got tired just reading the list.

  2. I hope you get your finishes finished (if you see what I mean?) I love the mug rug - was it your own design?

  3. What a great post Janet! It will be a great reference to look back on in the coming year... :-)

  4. Good luck! I don't think I have ever finished 12 things in a year, but it would be great if I did!