Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I went to Vancouver, B.C. on Tuesday for an appointment.  Up at 5, in Vancouver by 10:30.  The appointment was from 11:30 to 4:30 with a half hour break for lunch.  I was tired but thought I couldn’t go all that way and not go to a fabric store, or at least do some Christmas shopping.  I don’t know Vancouver well so I asked at the desk where my appointment was if they would look up fabric stores for me.  The young woman found a Fabricland number on the computer, called it and found it wasn’t in service.  She could only find one other store and it closed at 5.  Too early for me to get to unless I took a $30 taxi ride and then I’d only have ten minutes in the store.  The young woman said “I don’t think there are too many other fabric stores because nobody sews anymore”!! 

I was too tired to shop anyway.  I took the bus to Robson Street – big downtown shopping area.  I walked all the way down one side and all the way up the other and didn’t see one store I wanted to go into.  I’m not much of a shopper except for fabric and food.

I was disappointed not to get to a fabric store.  I have such a craving to see new, different and exciting fabrics.  There are only two stores within travelling distance up here.  They are both nice, but small and you get so you know what they have.  Maybe my feelings are just part of the discontent of this time of year.  Short days, cold weather, lots of snow and the Christmas excitement hasn’t really started yet.  I’ve got a couple of decorations out though.

Look at this lovely Santa.  My friend got it as a gift from her mother and thinks it’s hideous!  “Well” I said.  “Let me hang it up at my house, then you can tell your mother it is being loved and enjoyed”! 


The grandchildren love it!  The little tree below is what I had for a Christmas tree last year.  I was being extra grinchy and since we weren’t going to be at home for Christmas I didn’t want to put up a live tree.  I got this one at Michael’s in Victoria with a coupon that brought the price down to about $10.  I would love to find some mini lights for it if anyone has seen any around.


I’ve been working on this project a bit but I definitely don’t have enough oranges or yellows, even with hitting my stash. 


Friday Night Sew In tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to.  I have to cook a turkey for the seniors and volunteers Christmas dinner, then go help with serving.  I’ll be sewing through the day though.



  1. I can really understand what you were saying about fabric shopping. There's nothing quite like actually seeing fabric for real is there? We don't have many shops near here either so I have to buy online, but I get really excited if I think I'm going to be near a real shop.

    I love your red and orange blocks by the way. They're warm, bright and cheerful all at the same time.

  2. So you're having the same trouble I am, getting 'in the spirit'. I think it's because my kids won't all be here for Christmas weekend..... Downtown Vancouver is probably not the best place for finding fabric stores, that's too bad, would have been nice for you to find somewhere just even to smell the fabric!
    Like the blocks - that's going to be a great quilt!