Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, March 11, 2012

This week, March 5th to 11th, I….

What did I do this week?  It seems to have gone by so quickly and I’m not sure where it went to…. But,

I…. Got this huge bag of scraps from my friend in Skagway.  Those who know me well know that a bag of scraps like this makes my heart beat fast and my palms get sweaty….


So I cut a couple of batches of 100 two inch postage stamp blocks…. I’m doing another swap with Alberta…


And I sewed together 100 of my blocks…. 300 sewn so far…


The only other sewing I did was the Christmas mystery quilt that I showed yesterday …. and I’ve been working on my Name Game swap wall hanging…. I’m a bit late as it should be in the mail already… but it isn’t quite finished and I can’t show it because my partner might see it…

Last night we went winter camping… just for fun… with the grandkids and DD # 1… Here’s DGD leading the way on her skis…


And the rest of the crew coming up behind….


Snuggled up under the lean-to…it’s fun to sleep in a lean-to instead of a tent… you get to look at the stars in the sky, except it was overcast and snowing…


Everything was wet, from the soft fresh snow and warm temperatures…but a big fire dries it all out...


A few lovely items arrived this week…. these pretty hexies are from Gemma in Spain… they are my swap hexies from last September…


I won these cards from Marcia in the Leap Day giveaway….  So pretty…


And look at this gorgeous table runner that my friend brought me from Cuba… It’s got embroidery and drawn thread work.  Please enlarge the picture and take a closer look.  So pretty but such a lot of work! I told my friend that I couldn’t possibly put it on my table because DH always makes a huge mess…. So it is living on the back of the couch for now.  


I’m off to bed, even though I’m not tired yet.  It’s the first day of daylight savings time and it will take me a few weeks to get adjusted to the change in time…



  1. Now this is why I love your blog - I love to read about things like winter camping! Love it! I couldn't get my kids to go camping in the summer let alone in the snow - mind you I am not sure I could get my husband to go either. Pretty hexies, lovely cards and a gorgeous table runner!

  2. I love the camping out photo, Hugh and I are off camping for 2 weeks in Pureora Forest Park, NZ, and I really hope for no snow.What a great adventure you all had. Lovely swaps and blocks. Cheers from Jean

  3. what fun camping pics.... I'm totally NOt out doorsy, and we didn't get much snow in NC this year, a sprinkling one night and that was it.

  4. I will stop moaning about it being wet and cold RIGHT NOW!! x

  5. Oh It is so nice to see your cool snow photos Janet. Not sure if I would want to camp in it though.
    You do make me feel guilty when I see how far you are getting with your postage stamp top.Must do some work on mine.
    Lovely gifts you recieved in the mail.

  6. love the snow camping photos but not me... I would have gotten cold on the way and never stopped shivering... cant wait to get my squares... love the first one... still quilting on the baby quilt...almost done...and the embroidered table runner is beautiful...

  7. Winter camping sounds like fun but I'd probably freeze to death :-) Lots of cutting and sorting going on , sounds like fun . The table runner is gorgeous !

  8. Janet I'm one of those people who is cold all the time, even when it's a pleasant temperature, so your camping trip in the snow "just for fun" made me shiver just to read it! I love to see the snow, just don't want to be out in it. :) The piece from Cuba is stunning! blessings, marlene

  9. I know how you must feel to get that bag of scraps! Looks like you had a good time with your family in the snow.

  10. That is a terrific scrap bag! Lucky you.

  11. Camping out in the snow - now that's something I would never have thought of doing!