Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, March 2, 2012

Leap Day giveaway

This morning my sewing room looked like this…


The reason for this is that DH made me a new cupboard…. and it looked like this….


After I posted here about my sewing room, I decided that I had to do something about the mounds of stuff everywhere.  After all DH is a master carpenter….

By this afternoon the room looked like this…


And the cupboard like this…


It may still look messy to you, and it isn’t totally cleared, but at least I found the giveaway fabric…. and I also found the quilting gloves that have been missing for the last two years!  I really don’t have too much fabric, do I? Smile

So I wrote all the names out…making sure I put in a second slip for the nine people who entered who had also commented on my February Photo of the Day posts…


And I cut them into little bits with my nifty paper cutter, and folded them all in four…. and then I drew two names….


It is interesting taking a picture of your hand with your other hand…

And the winners are….


Joyce LM and Christa, in that order.   Congratulations!  I have sent out e-mails and am eagerly awaiting your addresses.

Thank you to everyone for participating in my giveaway.  And a big hug to all my followers.  I have made some wonderful friends and for that I am thrilled. 

DH and I were out a short while ago looking at the northern lights, which are dancing green in the sky tonight.  We saw three of the visible planets….


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  1. well done on your new cupboard... with a carpenter in the house are you usually at the end of the que to get anything done ? lol xx