Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This week, February 28th to March 5th, I….

Had a giveaway…. whew – they are a lot of work….

Got a new cupboard in my sewing room.  It’s all painted now but I’m still putting things away….
Went to a friend’s 70th birthday party today….

Got some lovely mail…. more Cathy’s Campfire blocks…

From Vanessa…


And from Jen….


A beautiful heart wool pincushion that I won in a giveaway from Susan.  It is FABULOUS… and she sent a scissor fob as well….


And a lovely birthday package from Leona…. I think I signed up for a birthday club on her blog…. a fat quarter, 50 weight Aurifil thread ( I haven’t tried this weight before) and a cute clipboard…. and a lovely card…


Didn’t do as much sewing as I had hoped to…. but I did finish the fairy quilt tonight, binding, label and all!  I haven’t had a chance to take pictures so I’ll have to do a reveal tomorrow….

Edited to add... I mentioned to someone last week that the March 1st controversy over Google Friend Connect disappearing was as serious as the Millennium hoopla.  Well it seems that March 1st and the Millennium were about the same.... Nothing happened.... Has anyone else noticed any changes?



  1. lovely blocks!
    didn't notice any changes to my blog?

  2. Great mail! How wonderful for you! And that Aurifil 50 wt - perfect for piecing, and bobbins - it's the only one I use, when I can get it!

  3. I didn't notice anything, either. Oh yeah, I disabled the gobbly-gook and got a nasty spam comment so now I enabled moderation of comments. But, nothing different otherwise.

  4. lovely gifties in the mail.... I haven't noticed a difference so far...

  5. Lovely pressies. Lucky you!

    Friend Connect has only disappeared from blogs who aren't with Blogspot. Those with Blogspot don't lose it.