Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, March 19, 2012

This week, March 12th to March 18th, I….

Forgot to post my weekly update post on Sunday evening…. I was reading a book – not a particularly good book, just a thiller mystery type book.  I’m a fast reader and I often like to read this type of book cover to cover in one sitting.  So I spent about 4 1/2 hours reading this book yesterday and forgot all about my post….

Kept up the exercise routine, Yay!  Fantastic ski on Saturday.  The insanely sunny March weather is finally here.  Cold nights, –15 or so, warm days, around zero, lots of snow for skiing and snowshoeing, and tons of sun….

Had several amazing evening viewings of Venus, Jupiter and Mars…. very exciting….

Did a minimal amount of sewing…. FNSI was my big coup except that I…

Finally finished my name game swap piece.  Still can’t show a picture, but….

Took a class at the LQS using texture magic….and I have to show you the fantastic palm tree that I made using texture magic…. please enlarge the photo to get a good look at the texture…..


Received wonderful mail again…  This book – a giveaway win from Victoria…. I’ll read this book a little more slowly and carefully….  savouring it ….


Another set of 100 – 2 inch blocks for my postage stamp quilt… a giveaway win from Mary…Is anyone else wondering what has happened to Mary… she said she was going to organize another swap in March, but no word on her blog since February 25th… I tried e-mailing her but got no response…


Three fabulous hexies from Elizabeth, and the cutest little butterfly bead…


Fugly fabric from M R's giveaway…. this fabric does look nicer in the photo than in real life Smile …..


And the last two of my spring flowers postcards….Here’s all three together…Tulips are popular….Aren’t they all lovely…




  1. loosing yourself in a good book can be a wonderful thing... and then getting a post that makes you come back to reality in a WONDERFUL way is just about the best feeling xx

  2. OK, I'm impressed, says the world's slowest reader. Nice little goodies too.

  3. Great reader.... The new book looks good.
    What a wonderful bunch of mail you received.

  4. Warm days around 0 degrees! Are you kidding? We have been having 48 degree days and after enjoying 78 degree days last week, I'm so cold. What a wimp I am!

    Lovely gifts you won. Your fugly fabric doesn't look bad, your hexie flowers are beautiful. Keep warm!

  5. I love the mini quilt with the texture magic tree. The recipient will adore it--I wish it was for me! hint, hint...

    And you can have this wet weather. Give me June!!!! :-)

    1. PS--you must have had a great teacher in your class to help you make such a good tree. :-) :-) :-)

  6. lots of loveliness on show in this post

  7. I am fascinated by the tree... I have seen the stuff you used but have not bought it or used... neat idea using it for the tree... was also wondering about Mary...but I think the swap is supposed to be in April but we should have started signing up by now... maybe next week... I am still cutting out... did some more cutting yesterday and dont have too much more to cut... just have to look in my stash...have a great day