Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, June 3, 2011

Some More Great Mail!

Despite the fact that Canada Post is on rotating strikes, I got lots of mail today.  Look at all these lovelies! 

First up, my mug rug from round 1 of Leona's swap.  It is a bit late getting here, but oh so worth waiting for.  Beth made me this lovely mug rug.  It has wonderful colours and the grass is quilted in.  And a kitty.  So cute!  Thanks Beth.  I love it!


Here is the back – great fabric – and the card she sent.


I received five, count em, five hexie flowers from Leslie.  She and I did a swap.  I had a pattern she wanted and she made me these wonderful hexies, as per my request in the Inchy Hexagon swap, in exchange.  My favourite is the dark one with the dark dots in the center, or maybe it is the flowered one with the orange center, or….  Thank you so much Leslie.  I love them all, and what a boon to my hexie collection!


This block came in Wednesday’s mail – yes it HAS been a good week mail wise.  This is my May Christmas Block Swap block from Robyn.  I just LOVE the green fabric.  So bright and happy!  My block for May for Robyn went in the mail the other day but I forgot to take a picture of it, so it will have to wait until she receives it and posts a picture.


I don’t usually post pictures of fabric I buy but I am going to today because I want to tell you about this shop.  I have been wanting to get some “modern” fabric.  Just to see if I like them in person, to have a few on hand for swap blocks or other swaps when my partner is really into modern fabrics, and if I really like them to make something with them.  The modern fabrics tend to be more expensive and I have never seen any of them in any Canadian stores I’ve been in, or the Alaskan store I go to sometimes. 

Well I’ve found an online store that sells “modern” fabrics that I really like.  The Intrepid Thread.  EDIT – Duh – her name is Jewel!  Julie has great prices and lots of selection of fabrics that look really fabulous.  She is friendly and pleasant.  She has great giveaways on her blog (not that I’ve won any).  And both times that I have ordered from her so far the parcel has come very quickly.  She wraps it so nicely too.  This is what arrived from her today.


Sherbet Pips and …..Silent Cinema…


And she sent me this layer cake size square of this beautiful fabric.  I’m not sure what line this is from but I think she is trying to tempt me Smile


I haven’t done much sewing this week.  The aforementioned block for Robyn and this one hexie – which I am keeping for my own collection.


All three of my daughters are currently in the Yukon – for the first time in almost a year.  DD # 2 and DD # 3 just arrived at my house for a visit.  DD # 2 is putting the vintage hexie flowers together with stepping stones right now and she told me we have to have a basting party, so I think I know what I’m doing tonight and tomorrow morning.  Or maybe we will be finishing the blinds for her room.  Smile



  1. Hi Janet, Lovely to see all the great things that have arrived at your place.

  2. Lots of lovely things in the mail... the mug rug is such fun....

  3. Oh Janet what beautiful mail you have received. Much nicer than bills LOL.

  4. That's the sort of mail we all love.. don't we! You did very well with the lovely hexies too. But the mug rug is fantastic....just love IT! :)

  5. How fun to have everyone home! And Beth's mug rug is wonderful. It's simple, yet so creative and pleasingly composed. I'm jealous. ;)

  6. HI Janet...thanks for mentioning me and my little shop I feel so honored. The layer cake square is from Glam Garden it is a Robert Kaufman line. I wasn't trying to tempt you I don't carry Kayfman yet, just wanted to send along a little gift :) Thanks again!

  7. Great mail, definitely worth waiting for. I would love to have a basting party, what a great idea!
    How wonderful to have all three of your girls there at once.

  8. I love your mug rugs Janet!

  9. I wish I would get mail like this! Maybe I will have to get busy crafting and sewing and enter a few swaps! I have not quilted in...umm,...decades? I know I can still make pieces!

  10. I like your modern fabrics. I don't have much of them either, as I am usually quilting with other people's scraps.