Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Goodies received in the mail

I have received a few of my monthly swap blocks in the mail this last week – April and May blocks arriving around the same time - so thought I would show them all in one post. 

First up is my April Christmas block from Ann (no blog) in Nova Scotia.  I love this simple but beautiful block. Such a gorgeous star.


Next my April Adventure Block from Sandi in Kentucky.  Love the bright colours of this block.


Sandi tried to make me a pinwheel block as per my request.  She sent me the attempted block and it had issues with lying flat.  So I did a little adjusting and now it is no longer a pinwheel block, but still lovely.  More of those bright beautiful colours.


Then I received my May Adventure block from Sylvia (no blog) in Australia.  It is gorgeous.  I love the purple fabrics she used!


I also received my May hexie from the Inchy Hexie swap from Anorina, also in Australia.  I love how the hexie colours correspond with the colours in the beautiful card she sent.  Such pretty fabrics she chose.


That’s all for now, except for a picture of the progression of spring.  We call these little flowers “honeysuckle” because you can suck the sweet nectar out of them.  They are flowers on a plant commonly called bear berry – I think cause only the bears will eat them – but also known as Kinnikinnick.  The berries are dry and flavourless.  In my flower book it says “Their taste and texture is often compared to a mouthful of lint.” 


Have a happy day!



  1. Fun mail!! And I just now put it together that you (as in your blog self) are the same Janet as my June partner. :D

  2. lovely deliveries by your postie.
    'a mouthful of lint' now that would be really tempting, not a good advertisement for the berries.

  3. What beautiful blocks and I agree the first star block is so elegant.
    I love seeing what is growing so far from where I live. Have a wonderful week.

  4. What a wonderful awry of beautiful blocks you received Janet.

    Like Melody I also love to see the different flowers,birds and animals in other countries.

    Blogging is is just great!!!!

  5. What beautiful blocks you received. You must love your postie.