Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Flower Garden Quilt and a request for help

Today DD # 2 and I had our second basting party of blue hexies for the flower garden quilt.  I think it looks fabulous!  Here is DD # 2 working on it the other day.


And here is her progress to date.


Pretty impressive for a first time quilter, no?

But she is asking me about finishing and I don’t have the faintest idea….other than a few things I’ve seen on other people’s blogs. 

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good book, web site or blog on different ways to back, quilt and bind a hexagon flower garden quilt?

Wild flowers are coming fast and furious now.  There are quite a few purples at the beginning of the summer.  I have the Pasque flower, commonly called a crocus here, in my blog header.  It is the first harbinger of spring.  (Spring is short here – maybe a month long over May, then we launch into summer.)

Here are the other purples that follow behind the crocus.

Jacob’s Ladder (my book calls it Beautiful Jacob’s Ladder) a member of the Phlox family.


Then there are the Lupines (officially called Arctic Lupine).


There are great stretches of them in some spots….as you can see the dandelions are also prolific this year.


The Lungwort, or Bluebell, is not common.  You won’t see big patches of them that often, but they are so beautiful when they do appear.


The flowers will continue to appear….and then disappear again before we know it.  If only my garden bloomed as quickly!



  1. Lovely flowers Janet.... so nice to have them just growing wildly... and the hexie flowers are lovely too.... sorry but I have no idea on the best way to border hexies....

  2. Your garden is looking gorgeous and so is your flower garden quilt. I'd love to hear how to finish a hexie quilt too.

  3. Hi! There is a series going on about hexie quilts in one of the Australian magazines, stitching or quilting, I'm not sure. You could go to their website, and search the site, there should be something there. Someone also has a tutorial on their blog, when I come across it again, I'll let you know.
    Take care, Leslie

  4. The hexies are coming together beutifully. As I am also only new to Hexie making not sure how to do the border. SORRY !!

    The flowers in your yard a also goegeous. I especially love the little Bluebells.

  5. The hexie garden is growing beautifully :) I'm not sure how to finish it off - I have so far to go on my garden I haven't even thought that far ahead - lol!
    Thank you for sharing the wonderful photos of the wild flowers.

  6. I love you guys's hexie flowers on the blue!

  7. Beautiful flowers.. I have some pink alpine phlox in my garden just now - it's very pretty. I love the hexies - they look fantastic.

  8. I can see why you were interested in finishing a hexie quilt now! Your daughter looks like she is hooked on hexies too.