Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Friday, June 24, 2011

On Giveaways

In another week my blog will be a year old and my blogging career will be about that old as well.  And it seems that it is customary to have a giveaway to celebrate blogging anniversaries. 

I don’t have lots of impressive statistics to show.  I have 54 wonderful followers - please know I appreciate every one of you and everyone who drops by to read my blog or says hi.  I’ve written less than 100 posts. 

I have entered many giveaways since I started blogging, and I have to say I have won my share of them.  It is great fun winning a nice prize and receiving it in the mail.  I have said to myself again and again that I have to have a giveaway.  And now that my blog anniversary is coming up it seems like an appropriate time.  Except there are two problems….

First of all Canada Post is on strike.  No mail in or out.  It is a bummer.  I have fabric and swap parcels waiting to get to me and lots of swap items waiting to go out.  But the strike will be over one day, so I’ll just have to mail when that time comes. 

The other problem is my inability to pick something to give away.  I’m really good at doing lots of things, but I’ve never been good at buying presents or throwing parties.  For some reason, these tasks bring out every insecurity I’ve ever had in life.  So I have waffled around about what I could possibly give away that others would like.  It doesn’t help that I am cheap and fabric is so expensive here – otherwise I could just go buy the latest that my LQS has in, which still wouldn’t be one of the coveted modern lines, but would be nice.  But I can’t bring myself to pay $4.50 for a fat quarter to sew with, or to give away.  And what about all that fabric I buy on line?  Well I honestly don’t buy that much and what I do I covet.  I get more fabric through collecting scraps than anything else.  I don’t think many other people would love the little scraps that I cherish. 

But I will figure out something to give away and I will have a giveaway next week.  Probably July 1st, because it’s Canada Day and I can celebrate Canada. 

In the meantime here are the most recent giveaway items I’ve won.  I should have posted most of these a couple of months ago.

This book from Kay Mackenzie.  The next swap partner I have whose choice is “any block” is going to get one of these.


A copy of  Rebecca Johnson's pattern from Lesly at Pickle Dish. This is so fabulous.  It is definitely on my list to make some day.  In Christmas fabrics I think.


This book is from Liz.  She is such a sweetheart – the postage from Australia was so dear that she bought a new copy from Amazon and had it shipped directly to me.  Such fabulous work to drool over.


This fat quarter bundle from Pam.  This is a great addition to my stash which has virtually no pastels. Aren’t these pretty colours?


And this book which I won during Pat Sloan's blog tour of the book. Now if I could ever get my hands on any of these novelty fabrics….


These are all such lovely things to win.  I’ve read the books, perused the pattern, fondled the fabric.  I’m such a slow sewer that I haven’t started any new projects from any of them yet.  A great big thank you to those who sent these gifts my way!



  1. What fantastic gifts too... so usable and interesting! the books!
    Congrats on your upcoming one year anniversary! Cheers.

  2. Hi!
    Congratulations on your pile of loot!
    I think I should win our blogaversay give away and I'd really like that Kay McKenzie book.. I entered all those giveaways!
    Happy Blogaversary!
    Take care, Lesie

  3. Heh - I know exactly what you mean about gifts and parties and insecurities! And I've still got your Swap Adventure block for you. I thought I'd mailed it out 3 weeks ago, and then found it still here right as the postal strike started up there. I'll get it posted as soon as the office will take it. You guys must be so frustrated!!

  4. A lovely pile of fantastic wins you have... I also have one year coming up ... we must've started at the same time..... should we do a little congratulatory swap between us? any suggestions?

  5. You've had some great wins. Congrats on your blogiversary, as for a giveaway, if it's going to stress you out, then remember, there's no law that says you have to have one.

  6. Congratulations on your Blogaverary.
    The best giveaway is just reading your posts and having blogging friends.

  7. Wow, you have won some great prizes. I had to laugh at the cost of Australian postage, don't I know about that! Happy anniversary.

  8. Congrats on your 1 year too! Your prizes are wonderful! I just heard that they are forcing Canada Post back to work, so hopefully your parcels will arrive soon.


  9. Wow, you must be the luckiest person I know to have won all that loot. I don't even know when My blog's first anniversary is. My son set the blog up but I suppose it would be the first post I wrote after the paper copy was scanned. Hmmm, I should check it out. I am also with you on the prize buying. I am the world's biggest tight-wad.

  10. Hello Janet, congratulations on your one year have won some lovely fabrics and books.....Warm Regards, Lyn

  11. well, now you have 57 "wonderfull" might still have only 56 "wonderful" ones...and, I'll just be the CRAZEEE follower...howz that?

    WoW you are lucky...maybe you need to buy a lottery ticket?

    congrats on your anni-blog-versary!

    =) new follower =)

  12. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. You have won some really great things. I'm looking forward to your next 100 posts.

  13. You sure have won alot of fun things and congrats on it being a year of your blogging.