Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, July 28, 2014

52 week photo challenge–let’s carry a torch–and a little sewing

The word this week in the 52 week photo challenge is “torch”.  I looked this word up in the dictionary.  It doesn’t have a lot of definitions and they all have to do with fire, except for when it is used as a reference to a flashlight.  But that is a British term that isn’t used here in Canada, so it didn’t feel right to appropriate it. 

But I had an aha moment and got my torch photo.  The electric start button on our barbeque ceased to function a couple of years ago.  I think it happened the time when the barbeque caught fire…  So every time I light the barbeque, (which isn’t that often because that is the one cooking chore that hubby does without question), I have to lift off the grate, light the match, turn on the gas, set it aflame, blow out the match, then put the grate back on with out burning myself on the flame.  That is until the other day when hubby showed me how he does it…


The photo doesn’t fully show this thing.  Apparently it came with the barbeque and is for this purpose.  It is a wire with a double loop at the end (which you can just make out in the photo).  You put the match between the two loops of wire and they hold it in place.  Then when you light the match you can put it down through the holes in the grate to where the gas is coming out underneath and easily light it. 

This is called torching the barbeque.  With a torch.  Of sorts…. A really small torch.  Smile


I have accomplished a very small amount of sewing in the last week.  These blocks are for July in the Canadians Quilt Bee.


And I put second rounds on two hexie flowers.  These red second round hexies were my own choice.  I love the fun and colour in this flower!


This batch of second round hexies came from Coralie, my June swap partner in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.  And I had the perfect flower to add them to!


And last but not least… Julien is now six weeks old and he weighs six pounds!!  He is off the oxygen.  He has to learn to breast/bottle feed and he has to be a week without episodes of low oxygen sats and then he will be able to go home.  His grandma (my s-i-l) got to hold him for the first time the other day.  So sweet!

Photo: Grandma gets to hold Julien 

That is all.  I hope your sewing is going well!



  1. Oh, I do love those tan and blue fabrics. (The hexie flowers are nice too.) I hope Julien will soon be on his way home ... having been there and done that it isn't something I would wish on others!

  2. Julien, what wonderful news, he is a real sweet baby, and the blocks, lovely colour combinations. You say " That is all" but for all g-mas, that is wonderfully everything. Hugs for the new family, Jean

  3. I just love your tiny torch - I've never seen anyone do that! What a gorgeous tiny babe - he will now grow so fast no one will believe it! Good luck to him and his family

  4. now that is one clever torch xx so glad baby is doing well x long may it last xx

  5. Happy day for Janet and Julien!
    The blocks look super.
    BBQs have a built-in, automatic break-date for those self ignite buttons! I've never had a bbq you didn't need to replace those switches after the 2nd year...I guess it keeps the parts companies in business. :)

  6. 6lbs! Yay for Julien! That is wonderful news. I hope he gets to go home soon. You have been working on some lovely projects! A great idea for your torch photo.

  7. What a great torch!! And much easier way to light the BBQ! So good to hear Julien is doing well!
    Love your blocks and hexies!

  8. Oh so happy to hear Julien is doing well. How special for grandma

  9. what a clever hub, yes I'm glad it's a man job here too.
    your hexie rounds look so lovely.
    great to hear your g.nephew is progressing, hope he gets home soon. He looks gorgeous