Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, July 14, 2014

Photo Challenge Calm … and the Excitement of Sewing!

The word for the 52 week photo challenge this week is calm….  My friend was very upset yesterday after a phone call from her mother and we were talking about how to calm yourself instead of reacting when our emotions get triggered.  We ended up doing a grounding exercise – feeling the solidity of our connection to the ground and the chair that we were sitting on, letting go of tension from parts of our bodies and picturing ourselves in a place that we find calm and peaceful.  So I got to think about where is calm for me.  Although many places would qualify at different times, this is one of my favourites… my yard…The grass is patchy, there are lots of weeds (or one could call them wild flowers) and the landscaping is sort of non-existent, but it is lovely and open and sunny, and as you know I see wild animals there. Smile 


And now that we have been calm, and I have linked up to Alsha's Space, let’s have a little excitement!!

I won another giveaway about a month ago; this one was from Deonn of Quiltscapes.  The package arrived on Thursday – a nice little selection of happy fat quarters and some scraps from Deonn’s projects with this fabric.  Thanks Deonn!  I was immediately inspired…


On the weekend I was going to a little party where we would be celebrating three friend’s birthdays.  So I had to whip up some gifts.  Three pouches…


Three backs…


Three interiors…


I used this tutorial from Amy's Creative Side although just for the pouch construction, not for the paper pieced panels.  I took the inspiration for my panels from Deonn’s scraps.  Smile

And if you click on the link to Deonn’s blog above you will find that she is having another giveaway!!



  1. Your back garden does look like a calm spot and I do love your little pouches, that fabric is lovely!

  2. Love your back garden - perfect place to read a book!!
    Well done on the win, the pouches are lovely.

  3. Great way to use those fabrics. That sure didn't take long.

  4. oh I like your calm place x .. the little purses are lovely x

  5. Lovely fabrics and beautiful gifts. Your calm place is beautiful. So lush and green.

  6. Great Win! Great Finishes! Glad things are going soooo well!
    Read your blog posts, thanks for sharing you made my day!
    Take care, Leslie

  7. Hi! Ps, now I am going into my sewing room and finish something!
    Take care, leslie

  8. You yard does look like a calm and peaceful place! Congratulations on winning some very pretty fabrics! Those pouches are great gifts!