Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend progress and some more lovely wins

We have had a lovely weekend weather wise.  Sunny and warm in the day and cold at night.  There were fantastic northern lights last night. I didn’t see them but a friend who photographs them posted a full green sky photo on Facebook. 

Here is a daytime photo of three red Crossbills (two males left and front and a female on the left) and a Redpoll, all enjoying sunflower seeds on this fine spring day.


Most of my activity this weekend has been cutting pieces for the X and + quilt.  There are 19 pieces in each block and I’m starting with 80 blocks.  That’s over 1500 pieces to cut.  I am close to being done.  I have about 120 pieces still to cut. 


And then my grandkids were here visiting and they wore me out.  They are so active.  Besides spending most of the day fishing with their dad – they actually played on the beach – they were both keen to sew.  Here are the pieces they made, both unfinished.  A cape for a stuffy and a blanket for a small doll.  DGD is learning how to put on a binding.  DGS learned that you have to put the foot down before you start sewing or you get a bit of a mess Smile


DGD showed off her prowess in the kitchen by making sandwiches to take fishing…


And her skill with the bow.  She played Little Liza Jane at her Rotary Club recital the other night.  Since we couldn’t make it there she did a replay for us here.


And DGS showed his skill with a bow of a different sort… Can you see how important the set of the mouth is to the aim In love


I received two more lovely prizes this week.  I had forgotten that I had so much loot heading my way.  Thanks ladies!!

Diana had these three fabulous laminate bags and additional pieces of laminate up for grabs in the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop and MOI won them…


There is a small tote bag, a medium size zip bag and an envelope bag that is just the right size for my kobo.  They are so well and thoughtfully sewn that I feel I can examine them a bit and learn something about how to sew laminate.  Maybe I won’t be too nervous to try sewing up a little bag or two from the pieces of laminate she sent. 

And also in the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop I won a runner-up prize from Marjorie.  She wanted suggestions for using up her jelly roll and charm size leftover batik pieces.  Go to her post here to see all the suggestions she got.  What I got was a nice short stack of green batik squares.  Yummy!


Ta for now…



  1. Those kids are super-cute, indoors and out.
    I hope you have as much fun with your + and x blocks as I did. I do like scrappy but I'm afraid I have hardly made a dent in my stash.
    Oh, and I got some lovely turquoise blocks from Marjorie too. I don't see how anyone could part with something so beautiful.

  2. Sounded like a great weekend , you GK's seem t enjoy being at Grandmas :-) congrats on the wins , oh and have fun making that quilt , that was a lot of cutting .

  3. You sound so much better. Life is getting busy for you again. Your grandchildren are well rounded, taking an interest in a wide variety of activities. Well done to their parents!

  4. It appears you are getting back to normal activities so that's a good thing. At least by all the cutting and picture taking it seems that way. ;o) I hope so! Holy Toledo that is a lot of fabric cutting! Made my hand hurt just thinking about cutting all of it. :(
    Your gkids are adorable. Look at that little guy out in the snow with no jacket. Why is it kids are warm in any weather, I wonder? lol
    Have a great week!

  5. Oh I LOVE those greens! Lucky you!!