Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I’m on a lucky winning streak…

Thank you everyone for the well wishes.  My head is slowly getting better: less headaches, less dizziness, clearer thinking.  And I even felt almost normal yesterday morning for a couple of hours.  Then I overdid the housecleaning…

DH is away on a week long fishing trip and I’ve had word he will be back very late tonight.  My friend Donna came to visit on Friday, made me dinner and did the dishes.  Friends are angels. Angel  And she brought her Ukranian egg supplies and left them for my family to use. 

The family (2 DDs, a friend, two boyfriends and two grandkids) were all here on Sunday for Easter dinner (which they made).  Ham, scalloped potatoes, yellow beets, salad and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing. 

Seven eggs were constructed – one by each DD, one by the friend, two by DGD and two by DGS.  Wonder why the “men” didn’t make any???


I haven’t been commenting on many posts, although I try to read what my bbfs have to say.  Do you miss my wit?  I am spending more time on the computer though.  I try to limit it to fifteen minutes at a time.  It took me a long time to get through all the posts for the Stitch Me Up blog hop, but I did comment on every one. 

I am here today to tell you about my giveaway wins.  One thing about slow mail is that when Canada Storage – oops I mean Canada Post – finally coughs up, the goodies come in groups.  Very exciting! 

Way back at the beginning of January I had a win from Vrooman's Quilts in the Quilter’s Secrets blog hop.  The prize was to come from Mrs. Pickles who was the organizer of the hop.  Well Mrs. Pickles lives in rural Saskatchewan so this prize had double duty Canadian postal service to work its way through.  I finally received this WONDERFUL prize last week.


Then at the beginning of March I won a fantastic prize from Melissa at Lilac Lane in her Easter Bunny blog hop.  I had my choice of four of her patterns.  Melissa makes the most beautiful clothes for her children.  My granddaughter was visiting the day I got the e-mail from Melissa and helped me pick the patterns.  And Melissa sent me REAL patterns, not just downloads.  They arrived in the mail today.


A summer shorts and shirt set, a dress for a young girl and the same dress pattern for her doll, and a gorgeous bag.  The last one is for me. Smile  DD # 2 is getting married in September.  I can see I will be making three of these dresses this summer – one for each of my granddaughter’s and one for the doll.  Oh, oh, maybe there will be two dolls…. The envelope at the bottom of the photo contains little “handmade with love” sew-in labels.

Win # 3 came from Lia at Lia’s Handmades from her Beat the Winter Blues blog hop party giveaway.  I am thrilled with this win which arrived rather promptly today in just over two weeks from Germany.


This package includes a package of genuine German gummy bears, a wonderful little pouch, three fat quarters of cute sewing fabric, two zippers and some buttons.  Here is a close up of the gorgeous pouch. So cute and quite roomy too.


And then I won Jane's giveaway during the Stitch Me Up blog hop.  (Those blog hops have been good to me!)  Jane was the hop cheerleader and she sent out all the thread packages – remember the Presencia thread that Canada Post elves are stitching up into their favourite designs even as we speak.  Well Jane didn’t take any chances on her giveaway prize and I received this prize in an e-file on Monday.  I won five of Madame Samm's Wee Tots stitchery patterns.  Madame Samm had provided two of the Wee Tots for hop participants to stitch up.  You can see some that Jane stitched right here.  I will have to stitch these patterns and show them to you.  They are super cute and would be fast to stitch.

Enough gloating about my lucky winning streak.  And enough computer time for today.  I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with my Year of the Finished Project report for April.



  1. Hey, quit overdoing or you will never get well! We want you back to your old self again. Please take better care of yourself.
    Wow, congrats on all the wins you've had! Fun, fun, fun!!
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. wow! I think maybe Canada post knows what it is doing... if you had them one at a time it would NOT be anything like so much fun xx He-He xx

  3. Wow! So many prizes! There was I gloating about winning one :-)

    So glad to hear you are feeling a little better - keep up the good work!

  4. Glad you're feeling so much better! Go easy on the house cleaning, won't you? LOL Lovely arrivals through the post!

  5. Wonderful wins! So much inspiration for when you're ready to get back at it!

  6. I hear you about Canada (storage) Post! I'm waiting for fabric that was sent Feb. 14th! You are on a great winning streak too!

  7. glad you are feeling better. You have been on a lucky streek. Canada Post is very frustrating and so slow.

  8. I do understand crafting, quilting but housework?!? For sure it will make you sick.

    Congrats on the awesome wins.

  9. Wow! You are so lucky. I'm glad you enjoyed the package and that it finally got there.

  10. You're really on a winning streak! Glad you enjoy my package! :)