Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lovely mail received and a request

I said last week that I was going to show my received mail and I’m finally getting around to it.  Life seems incredibly busy these days.  I mentioned that I started a new job and had to travel in the last two weeks.  The first week I went to Watson Lake, a five hour drive south on the Alaska Highway.  Here is a picture of the signpost forest that surrounds the tourist information centre there.  People from all over add their signs, handmade or official.  It would take hours to go through and read them all.


Then last week I went to Dawson City, a one hour flight north.  I was happy not to have to drive there as it takes about six hours.  The days are much longer there than at my latitude and they get more sun.  Look at these beautiful flowers….


Now compare those sunflowers to my sunflowers which are just barely starting to open.


Anyway here are some beautiful things I`ve received recently in the mail.  First my Adventure block for June from Lynn.  Isn`t it lovely!


It is a raised pinwheel by the way, even though you can`t quite tell in this photo.  She also sent me a pretty sand dollar from her beach in Florida and a postcard of the sun and sand to make me drool.


Then I received my July Adventure block from Karyli and I thought `how can I be so lucky to receive two such beautiful blocks two days in a row`.


Sadly I haven`t received my hexies or my Christmas blocks for June or July yet.  I hope they come sometime…..

But hey look at these other goodies I received from my friend Julie.  Thank you Julie!  She is so sweet and offered to give away some of her Tenugui (see her post for more information) which I think are Japanese tea towels.  Look at the variety she sent to me.


My favourite is the black one with the birds.  I thought they were geese initially, but now I`m thinking cranes.  The black one with the squiggles on it she said may be poetry.  I love the trees and hills and the oriental zodiac.  They are all lovely, made of a light cotton fabric.

Julie also sent me squares with planes, boats and trains for the quilt that I am going to make for my grandson…hopefully in time to give it to him for Christmas.  I have my layout all sorted out but I do need a few more fabrics and this is where my request comes in.  Here are the great blocks that Julie sent me – race cars, trains, bi-planes, jets, sedans, fire trucks , boats and a couple of whimsical blocks.


I have these blocks – school buses, police cars and ambulances, kayaks, white water rafts, motorcycles and skidoos.


My grandson is seriously into vehicles!  I need seven or eight more blocks to do the design I want.  I would really like to have some heavy equipment – diggers, big trucks, cranes and the like.  Also other cars, dirt bikes or bicycles would be wonderful.  And if anyone has fabric with a quad or a rhino…..I`m not even sure what a rhino is except it is the new improved version of a quad.  My three year old grandson knows all about them Smile

I need 6 1/2 inch blocks.  If you have any blocks to contribute please let me know and I`ll send you my address.



  1. Oh WOW Janet.. your received block are just so wonderful! I LoVe the colours used!
    Sounds like you HaVe been very busy.. jetsetting (& driving) around the place. Love the pic's too! Cheers :)

  2. Interesting how, in such a short summer, the flowers that far north can grow so fast! Did you see our sign at Watson Lake LOL! Great swaps - you'll be doing lots with that! Sorry to say no 'little boy' fabrics around right now, but I'll keep my eyes open!

  3. Hi Janet, I'd love to send something for your grandson. Do you think he would be interested in some train fabric as I've got a collection. (my eldest son loves trains)
    I always adore your posts. You life is so different to mine in sunny Australia. I don't think I'll ever get over the bear in your garden - magical.

  4. Hi Janet, lucky you to receive such lovely mail. I have a pile of eye spy fabrics so I will have a dig through to see what trucks I can find and send some your way.
    The flowers you have photographed are so pretty, its middle of winter here but my pansies brighten my back yard. quilted hugs, Sue

  5. Those pinwheel blocks are great! What are you going to do with them? Glad you could use the boy stuff. I'll keep my eyes open in case I see more. I have no idea what those words mean. Three year olds are getting too smart these days.
    As to the flowers, I like yours. When they take their time, you have longer to anticipate.