Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friday Night Sew In Report and some thank-yous

I love Friday Night Sew In (hosted by Heidi and Bobbi).  It happens just often enough to make me feel like I actually make some progress on my projects and not so often that I end up having to miss it all the time.  I don’t work on Fridays, so it usually works well for me to sew at some point during the day.  This is what I worked on last night.

Firstly, I put together this backing


for this quilt,


which my friend Linda P. and I are making for friends who are getting married.  These are SO not my colours but I really like the quilt.  This is the Bow Tie pattern but when made in this style it is called True Lover’s Knot. 

I received two little packages with big gifts in them this week.  I received my “welcome” hexie from Jane for the Inchy Hexagon Swap.  I’ve been in this swap since the beginning but it’s nice to get a welcome no matter when it comes.  She also sent me another package of hexie papers from Joanne who sells them at her store.  She contributed a sample pack for everyone in the swap.  So generous.


And then I also won a package of hexie papers from Joanne – she is having some giveaways to celebrate her new blog


So I am set for a while for hexie papers, although I use them up quickly Smile  Thank you to Joanne and Jane for the lovely gifts!

At the end of the evening I started working on thank-you hexies…


When I make the hexies I put a lot of preparation work into them.  First is picking the fabric, then cutting the pieces from the fabric.  Then cutting out the papers (when I don’t have some precut on hand).  Then I iron the fabric around the fabric.  I know most people don’t do this step but I find it just makes it easier to baste them and have the edges turn out sharp.  I do back basting, just catching the corners with a couple of stitches.  Some people baste right through the fabric and papers but then the stitching needs to be removed later.  With back basting that isn’t necessary.  Then after a last iron the hexies are ready to sew together into flowers.

I am off today to meet with Linda P. and get that quilt ready for quilting.  The wedding is in two weeks.  Eek!



  1. The quilt is lovely Janet... and I love the back you have put together... adds interest to it...
    happy hexie making....

  2. Hi!
    Prepressing is a good idea when trying to make sure the fabric motifs are always in the place on the hexie! Thanks for the tip!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. Nice scrappy bow ties and the backing is very nice too. You are making great use of the time you have left after work.

  4. Your backing is great. They get 2 quilts for one I think.

  5. Love the quilt and the fabrics you have used. What a great gift.
    Beautiful Hexie flowers

  6. Wow! This is my first thime to your blog and it's really fun! Love your hexies, this FNSI quilt(and back) and the animal pictures.