Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Brown Bag Quilt has occupied my week

I have been working on the brown bag quilt every spare minute this week.  I didn’t get it finished….no that would be a novelty for me.  I did get the top done though.  And I posted my photos on Flickr seven minutes before the closing time!  I can’t help it….I am just a slow poke quilter.  Anyway here are the fabrics I received from Les last fall…


And this is what I have done with them….



We were allowed to use any amount of fabric from our stash, and to purchase one new fabric.  I bought a fat quarter of the navy with flowers that it is in the corners of the yellow and blue round.  I needed something to finish the round and didn’t have anything in the right colour.

I had the central block and the blue Moda marble in my stash.  I have used everything Les sent me except for a small scrap of the white with flowers and an even smaller scrap of the blue watery fabric.  I’ll put those on the back.

DH had an inordinate amount of comments to make about this quilt.  He said I should stop after the yellow and blue round.  I said no it’s got to be bigger.  Then he said I should stop after the blue/blue check round.  He said it was busy enough.  But I wanted it to be bigger, so now it is asizzle. 

The lighthouse fabric was the challenge – each little square in one inch wide and twice that long. 

I might take those piano keys off and replace them with equal size strips of the Moda blue.  The piano keys would look good on the back I think.

Many people are showing photos of spring flowers on their blogs.  No flowers here yet, but this is the glorious weather we have at this time of year…


Fun in the sun, skiing on the lake….

I’ll have some photos of recent mail tomorrow.



  1. Fantastic! Speed isn't everything. Enjoy the journey.

  2. That is wonderful. Isn't it interesting though (thinking about your conversations with DH about when to stop)how a quilt always seems to tell us what it needs and when it's big enough?

  3. Wow Janet!
    I think that is great, just the way it is!
    The light house fabric is exactly what all the other fabric needed!
    I think your quilt is in the running for a prize!
    Take care, Leslie

  4. What a great quilt - fabulous the way you used those challenging little rectangles!