Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The big spring wind is here!

After the BIG wind we had last night, one of our neighbours phoned this morning to say he’d lost some shingles and to see if DH would be able to put a new roof on for him.  I had to tell him that DH is away until Monday night.  He’s gone with friends on his annual spring fishing trip.  Usually they go to Kathleen Lake but this year they’ve gone into Alaska, to a place recommended by the Alaskan member of the fishing party. 

That was yesterday.  Today it continues to be windy.  We used to have big winds like this fairly often, but it seems for about the last two years we haven’t had a lot of wind.  I guess it’s back.  Great for sailing Smile

I’ve been cleaning up my sewing room this morning and remembered a couple of things that are on the “I forgot to blog about” list.  A few months ago I put out a request for yellow strips for my colours quilt.  Rosemarie, Julie and Leslie all responded to the call and I now have lots of yellow strips! 



I have been rifling through these strips and using little pieces of them here and there.  It is my plan to work on the colours quilt for the next Friday Night Sew In, which I think will be next Friday.  Thanks to these three generous ladies I will have more than enough yellows to finish that line of blocks.  Thanks!

Back in February Fiona sent me some luggage tags she had made (because she got a laugh out of my lack of memory).  I received them just in time to use one on my bag when I flew to Newfoundland.  So pretty!  Love the Australian fabrics.  Thanks Fiona!


Back in January Lara was cleaning out some of her UFOs and offered them in exchange for a donation toward flood relief in Australia.  I was lucky enough to win this collection of Figgy Pudding.


I haven`t decided what I`m going to do with it yet.  She said she meant to make hexies but purchased the wrong ruler – so she threw the ruler in, as well as a charm pack of Rouenneries by French General.  I`m really not sure what I`ll do with that – or actually I`ll probably use it when I have to make hexies for people who like those colours.  I think I have a swap partner coming up who loves that line.  Anyway thanks a bunch Lara!  And my donation was made, in Australia, via my sister.

I am happy to have caught up on these postings….I hate it when I forget to say thank-you….as I have been known to do (right Fiona!).  So if anyone thinks I`ve forgotten something I received from them, please let me know….

Time to brave the wind and take the dog for a walk.



  1. Haha.... Oh Janet... I think thanks all round are covered.... love all those happy yellows...

  2. Yay chinook wind! Hooray for fishing in Alaska!!! Super hooray for helping out for Quilts for Queensland and wowza for that awesome gift of fabric and that great ruler!!! Is it a Dresden ruler you've made that great plate out of??

  3. Hope that wind didn't brin anything bad from Japan. I did see some dog hair take off in your direction... Peace and piece.

  4. And I thought you were simply being compassionate! Glad to be a cog in the process... I don't look at fabric much these days but I've never seen fabrics like that. Well, actually, I have but not for years - 20 or so. I should send you some of my day!