Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mail, PIF and my lack of progress

January begone I say!!  December and January are hard months.  Here in the Yukon it is usually cold (-25 today, -30 yesterday, - 40 last week) and it is dark.  It gets light around 10 and dark around 4.  The sun is UP for about two hours, after it comes out from behind the mountains, if it comes out from behind the mountains.  There are lots of grey days and snowfalls.  But the daylight is returning at the rate of 2, then 3, then 4 minutes a day by the end of January.  Soon will be into February which is usually cold but sunny and getting lighter all the time.

I often feel depressed in December and January.  This year has been particularly bad for me.  I have to force myself to go out for a walk, ski or snowshoe every day, otherwise the depression gets worse.  The toll has been taken on my sewing this month.  I haven't done much.  But in an effort to be cheerful, I'll share the things that have brightened my days over the last couple of weeks.

Mail in the form of a pay it forward from Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue.  She sent me this pretty needle case - along with the Christmas card.  Love them both, even though they arrived long after Christmas.

So I am willing to Pay it Forward to two people who leave me a message.  I will commit to making you a nice gift within the next six months.

Next I received this gorgeous block for the Christmas Block Swap Australia.  (I'm not sure why it is called that but it is...) 

Linda sent me this one, along with this lovely pile of Christmasy fabric.   Love the fabrics in the block Linda - they look very modern to me.  Oh and all the other fabric too.  You are so generous!

Sewing progress has been slow, but I have made this block for a round robin with Sue.  We signed up to do an intuition quilt with Victoria from Bumble Beans.  My block is done and in the mail to Sue for the next round, or side or whatever she decides to do.

And finally, I've added a few more blocks to my colours quilt...

I desperately need yellows.  If anyone has any yellow strips (need 14 inches long or shorter and any width down to 3/4 inch) that they feel like sharing please let me know.  I really only want your scraps...not your main meal.  :)



  1. It is hard for me to imagine all that snow, the cold and so many hours of darkness that you have with your winter.... well done you for getting out-side each day.... the work you have done is great.... hopefully you will have a goat item to look at....

  2. I'd like to be in your PIF.Then I can do the same for others later on this year. Getting out each day is a good thing... remember if you get too down just blog and friends will comment back.

  3. I think I have some interesting yellow bits and it wouldn't be hard to go through my yellow box and whack off an inch or so from what I've got.
    Cheer up! Each day is getting a bit longer.

  4. I love your colors quilt blocks! Neat idea.

  5. I've just looked in my yellow scrap bin and there are a number of pieces I can send to you. Let me know your address and I'll get them out to you.

    Cold, I can deal with that but lack of daylight .... well that is another thing. On the other side, look at all the daylight you will have this summer!!!