Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Looking for help with the hexies!

DD # 2 is whipping these hexies up so quickly that I have to start thinking about how I am going to join them together.  I have 39 hexies so far and I’m pretty sure I don’t have all she’s done yet.  When I called her today on Skype she was busy ironing fabric for the next set of hexies she’ll work on when she goes on shift tomorrow.  In case you are wondering she is on shift 24 hour days for two or three days.  She works outside of St John’s so stays at the provided apartment when working.  There is inevitably some down time and she keeps busy instead of just lying back and watching tv.  A true crafter at heart!

So here are a couple of photos of two different sets; one portrays the flowers joined by hexies, the other shows the flowers joined by strips.  I’m not sure how one would do that setting but ….  I am also showing them with a white background and a green background (I wouldn’t use these green dots – but the fabric is representational). 

What I want to know: 

Your favourite setting.  And if you have suggestions for a setting I haven’t thought of.

Colours.  Light or dark?  Any particular colour way?  The hexies shown here are representative of the colours of the hexies.  There are a few that I haven’t shown and there are lots that have duplicates or triplicates. 



Thanks for letting me know what you think.



  1. Hi Janet - I have not done hexies like this so feel amateurish to give an opinion.... however, at first glance the light one looks so nice and fresh.... I love the white and it would then match in any room with any colours as they are in the hexies.... It will be interesting to see what others think....
    The wonderful thing about hexies is that they will look good whatever you choose....

  2. I do think I prefer the light setting as it shows off the dark as well as lighter prints. Then, again, that is the opinion of a rather traditional old lady.

  3. LOVE the white!! They sure are coming along nicely!

  4. Hi Janet!
    Think about what you want your flowers to look like... on a bed of grass or on the white snow.. or other background? What is your favourite colour? Do you want contrast (white) or soft blending (another colour). Perhaps look for a common colour in the hexie petals to use as a background.
    Personally, I like the green, but perhaps a lighter colour with less print. The prints do compete with your hexie flowers but I think the white is a non colour, especially with the basically darks in the flowers.
    More to think about I know, but otherwise you won't like it!
    Take care, Leslie

  5. I think that the ligher one is much better.
    Lovely hexies!

  6. I like the white background. It really makes the flowers "pop". What lovely colors.

  7. I like the way the colors pop on the white but the green gives the hexies a much different look - more antique maybe?

  8. My vote is for the white, but that's probably because I put all my hexies together without any background to separate them, and I've been regretting it. Of course, when it is finally done, I will love it anyway. It will likely be one of the quilts that took me the longest, start to finish...

  9. Huh - guess I'm one of the few who votes for the green! I have to agree with Leslie that I find it a bit reminiscent of greenery surrounding the flowers. Having said that though, I can see the points people are making about the white showing off the colors a bit better. In any event, I'm not the creative force behind this, I'm just trying to get some projects done! Oh and I like the way the white is arranged closer together (no full hexies separating them)though again in the interest of completing the project this century...if it's too complicated then I vote for the hexies;o)