Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, October 4, 2010

Quilt parade

Hope you enjoyed your morning toast :)  I didn’t really mean to post that utube video.  I just wanted to send it to my friend Dahn, but I couldn’t figure out how to do that.  Sometimes the computer befuddles me.  When we took my F-i-L on the trip he was determined to figure out how to use his new chip Visa card.  But every machine that you use is different and he was struggling with getting the process.  That’s how I feel on the computer.  Sometimes you can just send a page, other times you can’t.  Someone told me the Ctl C, Ctl V trick for copying – what a relief as I used to have such trouble copying things. 

But the toast revue is hilarious!  Hope you enjoy it.

Anyway …. a few pics of other’s work from the quilt retreat.  The pictures aren’t great.  The quilts were lying on the floor so the angle is weird and some of them are out of focus.  Too much quilting, not enough toast!  That’s gotta be the problem…

By our fearless leader,  Ruth, who owns the local quilt shop and organized the retreat.

IMG_2267 I think this was my favourite….

IMG_2268 Love the colours….

IMG_2269 There were two in this pattern, this one …

IMG_2278 and this one.  Amazing how different fabrics change the quilt….


Can you tell I had to turn the photo upside down to get the quilt right side up?  Very cute pattern.


The four ladies from Haines had a pact to all make this table runner.  The rest of us loved it and are hunting down the pattern right now.  The fabrics on the second one up are Fairy Frosts.  It is beautiful!

IMG_2272 Blurry…rats…but you can see the beautiful colour distribution.


A siggie quilt to commemorate a school reunion.  Such soft gorgeous colours!


This Sudoku quilt was fabulous; fussy cut animals and Canada proudly proclaimed.


My friend Dahn’s raggy edge circle quilt made from her home dyed fabrics.  Beautiful!


I’m tempted not to put this one in here because it’s so blurry, but it is really cute with all the kitties.

IMG_2279 A wall hanging in nice colours.

IMG_2280 Lots of people were swooning over this gorgeous quilt!

IMG_2281 I love the colours in this one.

IMG_2283 And look at all the work in this fabulous quilt!

IMG_2282 A wall hanging to go with the quilt above.

IMG_2284 Look at the range of colours in this string quilt.  Gorgeous!

IMG_2287 IMG_2288 A set of two…these might be northern lights.


A finish of a mystery quilt.  I made this pattern with different fabrics and a different border and it looks completely different!


These Halloween wall panels are too cute.  One of the Haines ladies made it and she passed the pattern on to my friend Dahn, who has passed it on to me.  Sharing is such fun.

IMG_2293 Christmasy table runner… tis the season….

IMG_2289 Another Sudoku quilt  in pretty colours.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the parade.



  1. I loved it and is such a fun way to see all of the different paths fabric can take!!!! Thank you for taking the time to load and share the beauty!

  2. I love the ragged circles! Yum - thank you for popping in to say hello over at mine - Happy Blogtoberfest!

    ... my favourite colours change all the time too! (Currently lime and aqua and orange!)

  3. This was such a great retreat. And especially cause we went together. (awwww) :-)

  4. wow what lovely quilts...I think my favorite though was the one that had flowers made out of slices of a circle...hope you know which one I am describing!

  5. Yes, I did enjoy the parade! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    ~ Ronda

  6. Nice parade - and so nice to watch it from indoors, out of the rain and wind!!!

  7. I love the parade of quilts..lovely all of them!