Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wedding weekend

Very busy around here this weekend.  My oldest daughter Jessie was part of a tight threesome while growing up and one of the three got married.  At her grandmother’s traditional camp down the lake about 5 miles from town.  Our house was a jumping off point for lots of their friends and there was traffic steadily through here on Friday and Saturday morning.  The wedding was at 3 on Saturday afternoon.  The weather was cold and blowing but the sun came through for the ceremony.  The whole event was beautiful and went splendidly considering the mix of cultures, the blending of two very large, already blended families and the work to have an event like this at a remote location. 

Some pictures for Laina, my daughter who couldn’t be here. 

IMG_1892 Stewart, who did the service, waiting with Ben.

IMG_1899 Cindy and her dad

IMG_1906 The bridesmaids. (My daughter Jessie fourth from right.  Vanessa, the third of the trio on the right.)


IMG_1904 Cindy high-fiving Arlo (her son) after he dropped the ring but it didn’t go through the cracks in the wharf.

IMG_1907 Lacey Scarff drumming and singing a traditional song.  She is a powerful and beautiful singer.

IMG_1910 We did it! (Laina, notice how Ella (my granddaughter) managed to be a flower girl!)

IMG_1917 Cindy with her eight sisters (one step, two full, four half and one adopted cousin) and her step-dad.  Cindy has four brothers.  Ben has five sisters and three brothers. 

We babysat our two grandkids and another little boy Saturday night and most of Sunday, then went back to the camp for dinner on Sunday, and a bit of fishing. 

IMG_1927 This is the beautiful place where I live!

In other breaking news:  We had a sow and cub black bear in the yard two days last week.  They seemed to be interested in the spent grain we feed the chickens.  Sadly two bears matching their description were shot by game branch on Thursday as they were also roaming in Choutla subdivision. 

Not much sewing this weekend, but I got a nice bit of fabric in the mail: 

IMG_1926 Some Kaffe Fassetts for the collection I am trying to build, two prints – gold and stars for an idea I have for a small quilt which will be called “when I was in heaven” and a black and white for the collection of small pieces “not everything is black and white”.  Small quilts are my art therapy.



  1. What an interesting looking wedding! Blended families can get tricky sometimes, but this looks as if they all blended nicely. Thank you so much for sharing, gorgeous daughters, I enjoyed looking at the pics. I especially enjoyed the scenery, wow, how wonderous to live there! Have a great week, Elaine in Texas

  2. I was in the Yukon many many years ago, so I do know how beautiful it is. I visited Alaska too and took a train trip across Canada. It is a trip that I won't forget.
    I am following you now and welcome to blogland. Please email me to chit chat wheneve you get the urge.
    All the best,

  3. Wow! What a wonderful surprise, Janet. I love it. I love your blog. I will do a post for you on Thursday, my dear friend, to let others know about your wonderful blog. You are so kind.
    Happy Quilting!

  4. Yes you do live in a beautiful place! And didn't it make the perfect backdrop for that gorgeous wedding! ~karen

  5. I'm so happy to meet you, Janet! I came over from Pat's blog. I became a follower, because I think I will enjoy getting to know you. I know I will love the photos of the beautiful place you live and learning about where you live. Welcome to blog land. I'm a newbie too.

  6. I love looking at wedding photos! Looks like a lovely day!