Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 1st Canada Day Post …better late than never

I didn’t get around to writing this post on Canada Day, but I had a few things I wanted to record for posterity.  Gisela came over in the morning and we went for a nice long walk.  It was supposed to be raining but was actually sunny, but pretty windy.  Gisela wanted to see the Canada Day parade as she was working on a project with the daycare last winter and felt a loyalty to see their parade float. Despite this she said she wanted to take the long hike option rather than the shorter one and as she pointed out, when does anything ever start on time here.  So we walked on the ski trails and the road down to the Watson River, then back along the beach.  About a third of the way up the beach Gisela said “Look!” and there was a cow moose and her very young calf standing just up the hill.  Of course Zeke had spotted them and was pointing them out as well.  I immediately told him to stay, but in vain.  He was off after them in a couple of seconds and they trotted up the hill with him gaining on them by the second.  Initially I thought “oh no, he’ll hurt the calf” but then I realized “no, that cow will kick him and he’ll be dead”.   I continued to call him as he crested the dune and disappeared; then about two seconds later reappeared charging towards me.  I guess he just had to see them safely off.  I  was so happy that no harm came to any of them.

We got back to Carcross just in time to see the parade!  It was bigger than usual.  A mystery person driving the police car and all three RCMP dressed in their red serge, plus two cadets marching behind them.  Two floats – the daycare and Rick with a semi truck full of logs.  Then the fire truck and the ambulance.  The daycare float was set up as the old woman in the shoe.  Bev James was the old woman and there were a bunch of kids.  Also other daycare workers dressed like Old Mother Hubbard, but no dog.  We just stuck around for a brief while, then Gisela went home and I went home to sew….

The last big excitement for the day was when I went out to feed the chickens that night.  I wasn’t thinking obviously because I opened the door to the outside pen and left it wide open.  Like a flash Zeke was in through the chicken door.  I thought the chickens were goners because by the time I got in the coop he would have them all polished off, but miraculously he came scurrying out the door about five seconds later.  I’m not sure if Wally attacked him or if he was responding to my calling him.  Wally was of course hot on his heels and then we had the armed stand off in the chicken yard, with Wally feinting at me and at Zeke, while I tried to collar Zeke and get him out of there.  I was beat after that escapade!  Two close shaves with Zeke today but he actually performed well through them both. 


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