Saturday night hockey

Saturday night hockey
Saturday night hockey

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What a week!!

Last week that is…  It started out on Monday night when I saw a fat mouse run down the hall in my house.  I HATE mice.  They give me the heebie jeebies and I have been known to actually scream at the sight of one.  And I am NOT a squeamish person.  I won’t give you all the details; suffice to say that it took four days, three mouse traps and three assistant mice hunters to catch the mouse. 

The catalyst to solving the problem was on Wednesday night when I went out to visit my hubby at the place he is working.  I managed to lock my keys in my car.  This is an hour away from any professional service that could open my car for me and would cost probably about $200 to get them to drive out there.  And it is two hours from my home where my spare key was.

On Thursday DD # 1 kindly drove to my house to pick up my spare key and while she was there sought out the missing mouse traps (yes that mouse had dragged them off from where I had set them, but was not caught!!).  She reset one of them by the door and voila!  On Friday morning there was the mouse in the trap.  Another assistant had to come in to remove the mouse and trap for me.  Ugh!!

On the weekend we had a quilt retreat right here in my home town.  It was an international event with three ladies from my town, two women from Whitehorse and four women from Alaska attending.  And one of those ladies from Alaska is actually from Kansas.

Then on Sunday night we got word that my nephew’s child had been born.  His girlfriend, Christina, was due in September.  The baby is 10 weeks early and weighs 2 lb, 15 oz.  His name is Julien Thai Nann-Constable.  He will be in hospital for at least two months.  He is beautiful and perfect, just much too small.  His grandparents, my brother and his wife, ask for prayers from near and far for the baby, his parents and the rest of the family. 

This week I have my two grandchildren visiting for the week.  We spent four hours at the swimming pool yesterday and we all slept for about ten hours last night.  Their two dogs are here as well, although my little pup is away with hubby.  We are off to take them for a walk once I say the word.  Right now the kids are making things with little elastic bands.  It is called Rainbow Loom and these two will spend hours making things.

Some photos from the retreat…

IMG_7948Anita, who was making 50 or 60 table runners for her mother’s headstone potlatch.

IMG_7949My friend Linda with her amazing trunk display of her work.

IMG_7950Dahn whipped up two baby quilts over the weekend.  Here she is enjoying the sun.

IMG_7951Louise was frustrated with the quilt. She kept sewing the triangle pieces on the wrong way.

IMG_7952Diane is from Kansas and is in Alaska visiting her sister for the summer.  She isn’t a quilter, but she is an incredible good sport.  She pressed, ripped stitches, helped pin and fold, gave advice on colours and placement and had a great time. Smile 


Lori plugged away quietly at her sewing.  I thought I had a photo of one pretty one she was working on, but…. no…


Linda was making an awesome colourful quilt.  She was missing a few pieces of fabric, but I was able to find what she needed in my stash.  Who me?


Dianne was only able to come on Friday and Sunday, but still managed to take two quilts to their end stages.

I worked on several things.  Borders for Easy Street…


Some fmq on this quilt that I started working on before I went to Australia.  Eleven blocks left to do – six in this pattern and five in stitch in the ditch on the adjoining coloured blocks…


And I made this block for my June Canadians Quilt partner.  She wanted summery colours and no batiks…


A display of some of our work…


Hope you had a good week too! 



  1. That does sound like a heck of a week! I totally understand the mice aversion :) The sewing retreat looks like it was very productive. Your FMQing is great!!

  2. your week sounds hectic.... all the best to new Bubz and lovely sewing by you all....

  3. Can't believe you are scared of mice... You have huge bears etc roaming around you take photos of......
    Hmm locking keys in the car is my thing too..... Not good. Lucky DD could help out with the key and mouse.
    Wow you girls sure work hard on retreat... We seam to talk eat and drink more than sew.
    Prayers for the little one and family 😘

  4. Eww, mice, they can make me squeal too! Glad that it's out of your way now. Lovely, lovely quilts from the retreat, such a fun time!

  5. Wonderful to have a fun time with quilters to finish off such a week. I agree with the aversion to mice, the fact that they can get into such tiny spaces makes them double annoying. Our first house was infested with them from sitting empty for months. They were even in my electric stove.

  6. I hope this week will be less hectic for you than tha last onfe! Looks like everyone rteally enjoyed their sewing tim4e during your retreat.

  7. Sounds like your week was a bummer. Hope tomorrow brings a week of sunshine & lots of nice things.

  8. PS Where was the photo in your banner taken? Initially I thought it was from somewhere in the Snowy Mountains (Aus) but then I realised you were from Canada.

  9. Yes, lots of excitement going on! I am glad you got some sewing time with friends. I love the FMQ you are doing. Excellent job!

  10. We get mice here too, they seem to come in for the winter!! Not my favourite beasties! Yay for your helpers and DD # 1! Your retreat looked wonderful - lots of great results! Thoughts for your new little baby.

  11. I forgot to say I had never heard of potlatch - was very interesting! Thank you.

  12. Heavens Janet - you've got a lot going on! I don't like mice but I HATE bugs and last week I got up about midnight to get a drink and saw two huge water bugs in my kitchen. We have a "bug man" who comes every three months but after a phone call he made an extra visit. Yuck I hate those things! Not the bug man.... :) blessings, marlene

  13. Love the borders on Easy Street -- they really enhance the quilt.